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Hi all.

I just want to put this out there. If there is anything you sell, that you make, bake or retail, consider offering it for sale In Facebook groups and marketplace. No cost to post what you have - for now, that is. 

I just purchased coffee from a small roaster in New Hampshire (a very short distance from me) I paid via PayPal and they dropped it off at my front door. I was thinking of you, Kathleen, and wondering if you could do this. And those mugs!

The other day I bought pesto sauce delivered and tomorrow I’m getting a pre-ordered veggie delivery from a small farm truck going around. Their farm stand is not open as growing season is just starting, (winter vegetables?) their restaurant orders are way down, so are trying this. They tell you when they’ll be in your area. So far, no added delivery charge.

All of these sellers leave things at the door. No contact.

I have seen an explosion of offerings locally ... home baked items, especially cupcakes and treats, homemade granola. Dinners delivered ( of course you’d need packaging and the proper kitchen for your locale ). But these local folks are selling out of their expensive goodies. 

If you have no guests and things on hand you sell to guests, or could sell, why not offer it and see? Maple syrup? Candy? Cozy sweatshirts? That is, if you’ve got stock on hand. 

Thinking of all of you.



I don't have such experience of buying and selling products from Facebook Group; but it seems a good business in today's atmosphere. But the hardest part is the delivery of the product. If the customer is not living in the nearby areas then you have to arrange a shipping/delivery related things.

I also see a good surge in buying and selling of used items on OLX and other such websites based on their locality and country.




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Had not thought about the coffee. I do not have a large stock of anything - some I only bought a few pounds of - never more than 5 lbs of anything. My schtick is that I have many different  countries - some of them only enough for 1 roast.

I just a few days ago received a package from my sister  of the vanilla I asked her to get for me. Since I have plenty from last year (I order it every year because I do not know how many more years she will be able to go to Texas for the winter. I got one bottle for a friend - she told me she wanted the brown as that is what she is used to.  I have given 2 of the clear vanilla to ladies in town who bake cookies to sell. When the first one saw the size of the bottle, she teared up - they are one liter. The other one was very grateful - she is, I know, in need and sells the cookies to keep bills paid. The third one, is sitting on my porch for a teacher who bakes cookies to supplement her income, waiting for her to stop by to pick it up. I just told her there was a gift for her on my porch. This is what I am doing.

Thank you for thinking of me, SS. IF things get bad I will do that offering the countries I DO have a decent stock of. For now, I have "enough" and am leaving the SBA & other avenues for those who truly need them.

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