Iowa Bed and Breakfast Guild

Visit the website>>> Iowa Bed and Breakfast Guild

Iowa's largest Association of Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers. Affiliated with the Iowa Lodging Association (ILA)

submitted by: Terry Moore

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Sorry, but I have to say this.sad

Iowa should really consider a redo to their website. This old school look is not appealing to potential customers.


The first photo I see is a winter (not winter-wonderland, but winter sparse and drab) image with a date stamp? IOWA B&B GUILD you need to do some updates and build a new site! Fire TermagySolutions.

Check this one out as an are selling experiences!

Aussie Innkeeper's picture

Well, this one isn't much better:

Doesn't make me want to go there, and I'm FROM there!

We're currently working in an upgrade to our local B&B association and our new STATE B&B association website will be up and running soon. It's FABULOUS!

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