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Full disclosure - a few of us BnB owners in France have got together to create this geo location directory.  We make nothing out of it but hope to one day.  Essentially, it's the opposite of airbnb. No spare room operators allowed. It will have paid membership one day but that's a good few months away. Early adopters get a premium listing for free forever and there is no commission nor booking fees.  While it can still be useful for those with just a phone number it is really for those with their own website and/or booking engine. We currently have listings from Europe, the USA and Australia and are looking for many more worldwide.

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As with you, we function in two languages (English and French). One of the biggest problems that we had with booking in France was that fact that so few places had online reservations and we really didn't want to risk booking with Paypal and finding that the property didn't exist.

Incidentally, the French (France) and French (Quebec) don't always translate accordingly. What is called a "Chambre d'hote" in France is a Gite Touristique in Quebec. And what is a "Gite" in France is called a Residence de Tourisme.

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