2 Best Booking Calendars for your WordPress B&B Website

NOTE: I wrote this post on my blog, but figured I'd re-share it here. These are Wordpress Plugins for your B&B website. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions! - Lauren 

Using a quality calendar booking system on your B&B website is essential. Sure, you could use a basic contact form where people inquire about a specific time slot, but that doesn’t save you or your guest time. Below are two of our favorite booking calendar plugins, 1.) Booking System Pro and, 2.) WP Booking Calendar, used on the best B&B websites.

How many of you B&B owners have gotten emails from your B&B website asking, “Do you have any rooms open?” and nothing more. By the time you get around to answering them, 12 hours may have passed, or you don’t know how many days they’re needing.

Here are a few WordPress Calendar Plugins you can use for your B&B Website:


This calendar/booking plugin lets you easily create a booking/reservation system into your WordPress Bed and Breakfastwebsite. The Booking System will display calendars for potential guests to see availability and book dates and hours. With this, you can easily reply to their email inquires by sending them the page(s) you’ve placed this and they can sort through themselves easily.

Booking System Pro

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WP Booking Calendar

B&B owner can create a calendar for one or more rooms that are available for booking, with the option to set different timeframes for each day (Monday through Sunday). Customers will look at the calendar and will easily place reservations. Both customer and administrator will receive notification to their emails.

A few of the highlights of this plugin are:

time slots availability immediately visible
instantaneous preview the available time slots on rollover
made easier netsurfing in choosing months and days
multiple reservations possibility
easy to use interface
option to set the mandatory fields of the booking form
WP Booking Calendar

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Take It From Here: Helpful Hints

These are both premium wordpress plugins. Booking Systems PRO is $25, and WP Booking Calendar is $15. There are free wordpress calendar plugins, but we highly recommend investing in the premium plugins that are much more rich in features, better optimized and coded, and have better technical support and updates.

Overall, they’re fairly simple to setup and straight-forward to set up. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we’d be happy to assist. Should you be considering doing a revamp of your B&B website or your just opening your Bed and Breakfast and you need your first website up, check out our B&B Web Design services!

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Thanks but we stick with people with experience in the business who have great support for on line reservation systems.  Though maybe someone would want to try these if they aren't willing to pay for professional system.

gillumhouse's picture

I will just stick with ReservationKey. He keeps making upgrades that I get the benefit from.

Long ago, when one could BUY an online reservation program this particular tightwad made the choice to pay a monthly fee (back in the day LONG before RezKey) instead of purchase so I would get the latest and greatest as it came along. I found the best for me.

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Probably not a good idea to promote a domain that has a trademarked word in it.
If you were a good WordPress developer, you would probably have known that you are not allowed to have the word "WordPress" in a domain name.

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