Excellent Social Media Marketing help and other free marketing resources.

Visit the website>>> Tourism Know How

This is a web site built by an person I know who runs her own marketing company. She provides a lot of free resources and advice which is avaliable to all. FREE!!! She is working to make it the resource for tourism marketing so anything you are interested in knowing more about she will found out and write about it. She is also really realistic about how much time we all have and how much money we have in our marketing budgets!

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 Thanks for sharing. Lots of good ideas. I will be going back and reading more carefullySmiling

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they are also starting an electronic magazine but Im not sure when it starts comming out, and again free. Im working on some stuff and when you say its free "free advertising" they look at me like im mad!!! I also like Susan's stuff because she understands people don't have a lot of time and certainly right now don't have a lot of money and her stuff is all about doing things for free or low cost (ie under $10) which is what we all need!

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