How to Create a Top B&B

Are you starting up your own B&B or just looking to give an existing property a new lease of life? is here to help you create a truly unique B&B which will have guests coming back time and time again.

Don’t worry, guests know that they are staying in your home and won’t expect all the facilities of a 5-star hotel. Indeed, many guests choose to stay at B&B’s precisely for that homely feel. However, they are on holiday, so a little touch of luxury is greatly appreciated. To strike the perfect balance, try to provide the home they wish they had.

To get some good ideas before you start, stay in a few B&B’s yourself. Find out what works and what doesn’t work, what you like and what you don’t like as a guest.

Let’s start in the bedroom…

Ape Rosa B&B, Florence, Italy at BedandBreakfastworld.comOpen the door to one of your guestrooms and try to look at it through the eyes of a guest arriving for the first time. Is it inviting? Is it the kind of room you would enjoy spending time in? Does it have that holiday feel?

Taste is subjective, so the design of your rooms should be kept simple and understated. Fashions change quickly and what looks great one year can just look dated the next , so unless you can afford to constantly update your rooms, choose a timeless design scheme. Select neutral colours – pastels and soft, earthy tones – and use no more than three or the room will look too busy and won’t create the relaxing atmosphere a guest wants.

Furniture should be coordinated as far as possible and should include a bed, a bedside table with a lamp, a wardrobe, one or two chairs, a television, a DVD player and tea/coffee-making facilities. A desk is important if you are hoping to attract business travellers, in which case free wireless internet access will also be greatly appreciated.

Wall art should be tasteful. Consider exhibiting works by local artists; you could supplement your income with the commission and guests will love to have such a personalised souvenir.

The bed is probably the most important thing for your guests, perhaps even more so than the breakfast! Do your beds look so cosy you want to jump in right now? Buy good quality bed linen – not only will it feel nicer but it will need to be replaced less frequently. Again, go for neutral colours, and make sure the bed linen goes with (not necessarily matches!) the curtains and other fabrics in the room. Materials should be pleasant to touch as well as look at; appealing to all the senses will make your B&B more memorable.

Daphne Veneto, Rome, Italy at BedandBreakfastworld.comGiving your guests an extra set of pillows makes the bed appear more luxurious as well as providing a really comfortable place to relax with a book or watch television.

Themed rooms can be really fun and give your property the personal feel people stay in a B&B for. Give the rooms names related to their theme rather than numbers.

A bowl of fresh fruit in the guestroom assures guests that rooms are attended to daily, as well as adding a splash of colour.

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