Guest Book and Review Widgets for your Web Site

Visit the website>>> is an online guestbook and survey service. Invites to answer the survey and/or write in the guest book are automatically sent at a pre-set time after the stay.

Write your own survey questions or put a survey together from our question bank.

We provide widgets to embed and display selected results in your web site. The host always has editorial control over what is displayed.

Follow up emails can be programmed days, weeks, months or years after the stay. Pre-arrival emails can also be programmed to be sent a selected time before the arrival day.

submitted by: Mark Kinchin

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Sorry dude but you are a day late and a dollar short. Holy cow we have had so many GUEST REVIEW requirements from every side, the last thing we want or need is ANOTHER ONE!  You need to do your research, this is NOT NEEDED in this industry AT ALL. It is already there, in areas that are the most bang for our buck, uh ever hear of trip advisor or or any other plethors of review sites?

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