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Just want to introduce myself to the Bed and Breakfast community. My name is Carolyn… aka Burdy… and I am a graphic + web designer / story teller. I love helping all sorts of businesses tell their unique "story". My artistic style, I think though, is perfect for Bed and Breakfasts - romantic, historical, a little feminine. I am from New England (but live in hawaii) and have traveled to almost every part of the US. I am sure I have experienced the charm of your region…. and can artfully and thoroughly communicate that in a luxurious set of marketing materials for your unique BnB.

Here is my website, and an excerpt from my about page.

I am available to take on a new project or two, so don't hesitate to call me!  I can work within your budget.

I'm really excited to work with this community!

Thank you very much! Hope to hear from you guys soon.




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COLORBOX Branding Studio helps businesses present themselves with clarity and uniqueness. We use the art of storytelling to connect with an audience emotionally – so they almost hear crickets when thinking of your farm-to-table restaurant, smell freshly cut wood when thinking of you in your workshop, or simply to feel totally confident when they think of hiring you for your particular expertise, whatever that may be.

Crafting the perfect story requires an objective analysis of both you and your audience. We highlight your greatest strengths and your audience’s specific needs. Then we cut a clear path to connect you… and roll out your unique story in rich colors, textures, fonts, original art, authentic materials and a few good words. This is called branding. A good brand resonates with your audience immediately.

From your storyboard of colors, fonts, textures and materials… we create logos, websites, product packaging, product documentation, brochures, stationery, hang tags, wall decals, restaurant menus, storefront signage, assembly diagrams, bound books, printed apparel and gear… We even brand all your social media channels, and teach you ways to communicate your story naturally, on the most appropriate channels for your niche.

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