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Challenges of Bed & Breakfast

•        Multitasking front-desk operations: efficiently manage reservations, check-ins/check-outs, guest requests, payments, etc

•        A challenging, 24-hour, seven-day-a-week operations requiring to stay connected with your business at all times

•        Marketing your property through various distribution channels and getting higher reservation

•        Cost effective solution to manage the operations of a B&B, without having to deal with IT overheads


HOTELOGIX is a centralized and comprehensive, web-based Property Management System (PMS) offered on a cloud based platform in a subscription model. It is designed to provide solutions especially to BED & BREAKFAST and INNS, budget and mid-market hotels and hotel chains.

Hotelogix offers a unified All in One cloud based solution that addresses all your needs comprehensively and with ease.  All you need is a basic computer and an internet connection to get you going with it.

Hotelogix brings you an ‘Easy to Adapt & Simple to Use’ cloud based solution that offers all that you might ever need to run your B&B business.

Key features and benefits

•        Efficient Management of Frontdesk Operations

•        A simple pay–as–you-go, cloud based PMS solution

•        User friendly system with no training overheads

•        Professional and integrated web booking engine

•        No software/hardware installation

•        Quality 24/7 customer support

•        And more …


Take a FREE TRIAL now, and experience the simplicity of setting up your property, in less than 5 minutes flat.


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