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Owner/Innkeeper of start up b and b since 2004.  Seven guests rooms, mountain location.

Love that it allows me to garden and plant buckets of bulbs; and I can take the dog and the garden cat to work with me outside.

A lifestyle change.  Both of us (hubby, too) worked for many years for others in responsible professional jobs.  We like being self employed but miss the wages of those paying jobs with benefits!  We are both very handy so are not turned off with fixer-up opportunities.  Thank goodness we have a huge garage for tools, tractor and the other things needed to make this place go.  The snow scraper has been used more this winter of 2010 than in any year prior.

We don't post often but do so enjoy this forum whenever we sit still to read it.  Great members...a few I know, a couple who we have met in person and hosted them here.

We dabble in stained glass and clay art when we have time and we have our art studio on the premises.



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