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I own a very small B&B (four rooms) inside a 5,000 acre resort near the Appalachian Trail in Western NC.

I have been at this for twelve years, do my own cooking, cleaning and decorating. I went to culinary school and owned a restaurant a few years back. I also have a geology and travel background (Pan Am Flight Attendant), worked in Interior Design and even taught HS Science.
My husband, high school sweetheart and fellow Gator, is a Mechanical Contractor, Plumber and Tax Accountant.

Our backgrounds enable us to run a lean B&B without employees.
Our daughters are both grown and I am past the stage of being willing to deal with employees anymore. Instead of employees I have a commercial dish machine and iRobots.

"There are worse things than being alone... like wishing you were." Aunt Josie


"There are worse things than being wishing you were." Aunt Josie


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Western North Carolina


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