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  1. adabweeks

    Gillum House inn the news

    Congratulations!! Love the cast iron pan story LMAO. (and that is a lot of laughing) SherryCa
  2. adabweeks

    My new website

    Lovely Web-site. Lovely Story. I agree it makes you want to just rush right over and meet the two of you. Good luck with your new B&B and stay busy! SherryCa
  3. adabweeks

    First TA Review

    We have found a corner stone dated 1880 from the original Weeks part of the house. The Ada and Ben Weeks part of the house dates back to the 1850's. It is old, but we tried to keep as much of the old charm of the house. We had a very exciting guest this summer. Pearl Weeks, Ada and Ben Weeks...
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    That'll teach me

    Please accept my condolences for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this trying time in your life. Money is the least important, your health and well-being the most! SherryCa
  5. adabweeks

    to the shiny kneed lady

    Good Luck Seashanty! Thank you for your touching, heartfelt stories of your innkeeping experiences! SherryCa
  6. adabweeks

    How much to take a nap?

    I guess we are on the same wavelength. That is the first thing that came to my mind also. Sounds like they might be looking for the "No-Tell Motel" HeeHee! SherryCa
  7. adabweeks

    First TA Review

    Thank you Bruno, for sharing information! I will definitely look into that web-site! SherryCa
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    Our Windmill has finally crossed the Border!

    We are on five acres and the windmill will be at the top of the hill in the farthest point back away from our home. Yes it is true they make a noise, not loud, more like a swishing noise. Besides, we are only installing one wind turbine not a whole windpark. Although we do have alot of wind...
  9. adabweeks

    First TA Review

    Thank you everyone for your good wishes and input! SherryCa
  10. adabweeks

    So great energy over there !

    Greetings Bruno! Yes, I agree this is a great country and Canada made it possible to achieve our dreams also. As for Citizenship, I have not decided about that as yet. We are permanent residents here, for now that is good enough. PEI is quite a beautiful Island, North America's best kept...
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    Hello Hard Workers

    Welcome from PEI, Canada! Sherry
  12. adabweeks

    Our Windmill has finally crossed the Border!

    Our windmill has finally arrived in Canada! Hopefully they will begin installing it soon. We are very excited about this project. We will be the first B&B on PEI to rely on Wind Power as our primary source of energy! We will be officially a green B&B on the Green Island! Sherry CA...
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    First TA Review

    Hooray!!! Our first Trip Advisor review! I have alot of catching up to the rest of you, but it is a start. SherryCa
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    what time do you start making noise?

    Our guests are in a separate part of the house, actually our B&B is 2 houses joined together. The original Weeks family house (popular name in our area) and Ada and Ben Weeks. Grandparents of Gary Weeks of the 60's duo Gary and Dave. Our house has some interesting history. The only noise...
  15. adabweeks

    So great energy over there !

    Greetings Bruno from PEI![/h3]Welcome to the Innkeepers forum, fellow Canadian! We moved here to Prince Edward Island, from New Jersey and our B&B has been opened for 2 years. Love your B&B and your web-site! Sherry Ca