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    Have I told you what wonderful guests we get?

    Nice photos, thanks for sharing.
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    I guess Innspiring has surrendered to AirBnBs too

    I think the goal was more so just to make sure we rank in Google for any term related to what we do.
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    Halloween menu - what are your favorites?

    Nice pics, cool place!
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    Automatic Router Reset

    Cheap but Smart device. Saves lots of time and work.
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    How to report spam emails from this site?

    A mod will have to mark it as spam. I'll take a look. Members can do nothing about it except report it. You can also LEAVE the conversation, the Leave is in the upper right side of the top bar of a conversation/PM. If you mark it for no replies, they would not be able to reply, but they...
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    Video file size increase

    The video maximum files size has increased from 10240 kb to 51200 kb. Also there is now a new Upload Video button down on the left next to the Attach files button.
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    Is the Recipe section still here?

    I am pretty sure the recipes are still here. If every one goes to your User Control Panel (click on your name in the upper right corner). Then go to Your Content. That will show you your posts and threads. If you find one, you could make a comment to bring it to the top and we can amend...
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    Is the Recipe section still here?

    Apparently it is gone. Why don't you start a nice thread about recipes and put in the new ones. Check out INN the Kitchen area. I'm finding several there when I do a Recipe search.
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    Is the Recipe section still here?

    I see your Supporting Membership. We don't show GIFT in the title.
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    Is the Recipe section still here?

    Hi all, I'm looking into seeing if the recipe section can come back.
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    Howdy, hosts

    Hello Glad you decided to join and see what the members can help you with and guide you how to do an INN or BnB the best way. Or what to avoid.
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    How to not see ads when logged in!

    Good. I'm glad it is working.
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    How to not see ads when logged in!

    Please try again each of you that could not opt out before. There was a setting I had to upgrade. I thought I had done all of them earlier. I apologize for the overlook.
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    How to not see ads when logged in!

    Let me double check. You should have that option. Everyone logged in should have it.
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    We have a like button!

    Hold down on that LIKE and see the reactions you have, and check out the smiley selection!