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    Handy Help - unexpected

    Yay for the pretty porch! I got a little deck painting done before the serious rain set in. It will have to do for this year. I started paint prepping earlier in the Spring but guests started coming and I had to call a halt. Navigating the new solo status can make for some interesting...
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    Retiring the airpots

    Well, at least going into storage. I used to use one large airpot in the guest area for morning coffee, now it’s one smaller thermal carafe per guest room. Time for the large ones to go into storage. Per earlier advice here I finally have some pretty individual thermal carafes on order. I...
  3. Anon Inn

    Noticing a trend

    Amen to that. Luddite that I am, I only just last week figured out how to set a two night minimum. The Reskey forum was instrumental in getting that done!
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    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    TripConnect is helpful here. Thank you forum members for how to use it beneficially. I ask how guests find us as part of the conversation. Especially now, when most have never been here before, and don’t know how to pronounce it. My demographic still uses TA, so if they do a search with my...
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    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    I haven’t asked for Yelp reviews in a few years. I still get them sometimes, but so many end up in their ‘not recommended at this time’ area. No clue as to why.
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    Favorite fall breakfasts?

    Sweet potatoes (instead of russets) sneak in to breakfast sides this time of year for multi day stays. Applesauce from our tree appears periodically throughout the winter. Otherwise not much change. Most prefer savory breakfasts. I'm getting more requests for non-sweet breakfasts.
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    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    I don't ask for TA reviews like a did a few years ago. Google places so much higher now, but I still do the ask for Google or TA reviews in the follow up email. Sometimes I ask for a TA on their way out the door. I don't get enough TAs per year to get the certificate anymore. Kind of miss those.
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    Cleaning out the fridge

    Wow. Surely they know we have enhanced and thorough cleaning requirements at this time. Keeping fridge contents is a big no. But then, we a r e Americans, and the rules don't apply to us, indivually. ;) Sorry you got these folks. So far, only one person has phoned here to let me know...
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    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    Our county case count is very low. Some have mentioned that as a factor in choosing here.
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    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    Here too. If I hadn’t blocked off two days per week in August, it would have been best ever. People still booking weekends here. Usually slowing way down now that rains have started. The big bills will be paid. I didn’t know in the Spring if that could happen.
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    Crazy guests

    Glad you’ll have some Sunday for you. :) Full house here last night. People still last minute booking for Podunk. Grateful.
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    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    Yep. Lost almost all my yearly regulars because the events and family reunions were canceled. But others look at our county's case count and see how small this place is and decide to come. I just looked at my numbers for this year and amazed I made my 'nut' and may actually make enough to...
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    Celebrity Guests

    Former network soap star. Delightful. Great conversations about life in the middle of nowhere. Left great online reviews after departure. Strangely, the yelp one was deemed "not currently recommended".
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    What is it about stairs and guests from certain places?

    I'm noticing more decline my offer as I get grayer ;)