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  1. Baygirl

    What's Your Forecast for End of Year?

    Coming in to our slow time....So far looking busy for NY's eve. We shall see if the reservations hold. So far YTD we're down about 35% from last year.
  2. Baygirl

    Reservation systems...

    Highly recommend Reservation Key. John the owner is wonderful and they have great customer service.
  3. Baygirl

    CC processor suggestion needed ASAP!

    I don't use Rez for payments.. I enter the deposits manually when a reservation gets made. How does stripe work for incidentals if the guest orders an upsell? Do you manually enter any charges on stripe?
  4. Baygirl

    CC processor suggestion needed ASAP!

    We also had a bot attach to our rezkey acct. and it still seems to be happening. John has tried a few things but nothing seems to work. I can tell it's still happening because I have multiple searches on my activity with the same ip address... I don't know how to get rid of the bot. John has...
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    It showed on RK that I was connected to TA... I just disconnected and redid it to see if it triggers TA to show RK again when I do a search. Right now TA is still coming up with MA as my connecting server even though I've disabled it on MA too. I will get this done... just looks like it isn't...
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    I do think it could help. The way I look at it, is I won't know until I try and then go from there. I'm willing to give it a shot. Just wish it wasn't so complicated for me to get this set up the way I want it.
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    so it sounds like I may have connected to the wrong thing and not trip connect? I'll retrace my steps and try to connect directly with RK.. Sigh just tried to redo the settings to using RK but for the life of me I can't see where to edit it. I see MA is my connectivity partner but I don't...
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    For those of you using trip connect.. I think I got it up and running via using my allocator. My question is when using trip connect, does that make you a sponsored ad so you go to the top of the page or did I accidentally sign up for something I didn't mean to?
  9. Baygirl

    Government rates & meal per diems

    We do the same thing Copperhead.. Sun - Thurs only and breakfast isn't included in the gov't rate. Also it's for one person and if they want to bring someone than it's an add'l $25.00. Tax exempt is fine as long as they have the form, otherwise they pay the taxes on the gov't rate.
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    People who want to rent all your rooms

    I agree, once people book the house they think they've rented the entire house and forget we live here. Like Seashanty explained it's different with some groups. Cyclists are totally different as are some of the yoga retreats or writing retreats. When a family wants to book a whole weekend...
  11. Baygirl

    Anyone ever try this?

    The only option I've come up with is emailing the people that booked for one night to ask if they'd mind changing rooms and explaining why. More times than not they will move a room. For us all our rooms are different so when people book a specific room we just can't change their room.
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    2018 Per Diem Rates Announced

    Thank you! Ours was $2. too. With the gov't rates we don't include breakfast with the rate. If they want breakfast we charge them $10 9 times out of 10 they pay for the breakfast.
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    Over Capacity Rule Breakers

    We have 2 off site houses and what we do is have the guests sign a contract as well as pay a $500 sec deposit. It states in our contract if they go over the limit on amount of people at the houses they will be asked to leave with no refunds, including the security deposit. This is our second...