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    Last breakfast is in the books!

    Hi, we are also retiring, now family first. But the great memories will last...
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    Roofer at last - wish me luck

    Solar cells on a flat roof are very easy, you only need a support and you can install at the optimum angle and direction. Just Google fo Canada.... Solar Mounting Systems and Metal Fabrication Innovative solar mounting systems and design tools for residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV...
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    Frommers: "Foreign travel slump"

    As a foreigner - yes I would defer my plans to go to the usa for a year or so and see what unfolds. No problem, there are many countries to avoid and plenty left. The last thing you want as a tourist is to find that the visa permit you acquired months before is suddenly withdrawn at the border...
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    OMG we are INN!

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    New member. It

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    Today may be the day

    Hope it will work out, good luck!
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    Happy New Year!

    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!
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    Chip Credit Cards Give Retailers Another Grievance Against Banks from the New York Times

    We hardly use credit cards in the Netherlands, almost all shopping is direct debit, always PIN, since 1990 (25 years..). Credit cards (including amex) have had chip and pin since 2005, since 2009 no one uses signatures. We are now going to contactless paying, keep your card or phone close to a...
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    How would you clean Beams and High Places?

    Nice, just like our beams, succes..
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    How would you clean Beams and High Places?

    Any extension (really anything long and light) will do, just attach the tool (duster/wetcloth) you need firmly with duct tape and disensemble when done. We use the hose extension for outside windowcleaning inside with a duster attached...
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    Introducing myself

    Welcome and good luck!
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    Thinking About Doing My State Licensing Agencies Job This Month Vis A Vis Air

    FYI nl times Posted on May 11, 2015 by Demid Getik A tenant in Amsterdam who placed his social housing apartment on Air b n b rental service now has to vacate the house within two weeks, reports RTL Nieuws. The investigation showed that the house was sublet for at least 130 days, the housing...