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    Old posts from 12+ years

    Yes, blah is wonderful sometimes! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Oregon. It really is beautiful but living on the coast for 18 years I just needed some sun and less rain. I love the vibe here in Tucson with the mountains, incredible food (the first city of gastronomy as named by UNESCO) and...
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    Old posts from 12+ years

    HERE I AM, HERE I AM!!!!!! (the caps and exclamation marks are for JB because she loves them so :) ) I too have a horrendous life story but have come out the other side and loving life again. My inn was sold as a private family compound this last May. That was the final connection to my ex...
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    Didn’t I see you with someone else yesterday?

    Yowzer! Even with my stories, I've never encountered that one!
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    legal cannabis

    It's been legal in my state for about 4 years. We have had no problems. Even if the guest does smoke it in the room, you don't have to do the same awful cleaning procedures that you would do with cigarette smoke. The smell dissipates and doesn't linger. Of course our rooms are non-smoking, but...
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    Our Seasons Of Discontent... or Why I Wanted To Quit Today

    Yes, it's difficult to do, but I've done it. Hold strong. Right now, instead of guests being grateful to have a virus free place to stay, they've turned into selfish, unappreciative and ready to break all the rules. I think they've been stuck inside for so long, they are tired of not having...
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    A Chargeback Drama - Chasing the White Whale

    As GuillumHouse mentioned, I won. But my win was not from the credit card company. After I went through the chargeback with the credit card company and they won the challenge I didn't do the appeal since I thought it would be useless), it was a matter of principle that I kept fighting. The...
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    I've been raised from the dead...

    I don't know that I could have done anything more than I did. I did a background check on both of them, called references, e-mails and video calls. I also had a contract. The fact is, that if the owner is not nearby for spot checks and overseeing, most people will do only what's necessary to get...
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    Would You Respond to this Email I Received Today?

    They only need the space? What space? Are they inquiring about the guesthouse or the event center in town. Makes no sense. If they only need the space, then where are they staying? I wouldn't respond, but then again, my mindset is not what it used to be which was to take every reservation I could.
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    What is it about stairs and guests from certain places?

    The lack of personal responsibility astounds me more and more each year. We can't force them to read what's provided.
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    I've been raised from the dead...

    Hi Tom. It's been a challenging year to say the least! I hope you survived the big fire out there. I know some folks who lost everything. We had fires north of us and south of us. Smoke so think I could barely breath, but took comfort that the fires wouldn't reach us. Even on the beaches you...
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    How do you sell the quiche?

    I call mine a breakfast pie. It's also crustless and is cut in wedges like a pie. I stopped making anything with a crust years ago. People get so hung up on the name of things or the way they are presented. I often use the Costco chicken apple sausages. It took me a couple years to figure this...
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    Now is the perfect time to tell me about that food allergy.

    Yes, when we first opened back up the beginning of July I think I was doing them for every guest. Once August came, people were a little more adventurous to go out and do outside dining at a restaurant, so not quite as many. I have 3 this week. I raised my prices because food costs have gone up...
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    Now is the perfect time to tell me about that food allergy.

    One of the great things about delivering breakfast to their door is you knock and run. Nobody tells me at the last minute they won't eat something. Take it or leave it. That's all there is.
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    Now is the perfect time to tell me about that food allergy.

    I just got this reservation online. Then they wanted a room service dinner. Uhhhhh, no way! This is a bit much, but I'll ply him full of eggs, fruit and breakfast meats. At least I was given advanced warning. Tree Nuts: Almond Cashew Coconut Hazelnut Walnut Grains: Wheat Barley Rye Rice...