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    Do you accept kids?

    We do take kids. But with rules. In full summer season, no screaming babies or toddlers upstairs where there are neighbors. That age group stays downstairs or in the cottage or apartment. Newborns are ok as they do not make much noise. Another rule...no sliding down the inside bannisters or...
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    new system?

    BTW, no notice of fee increase and demanding contract to be signed in 2 weeks.
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    new system?

    Hi All, We currently use Rezovation. Has been ok for past 6 yrs, but suddenly charged $90 per mo. More than double. Appears we fall in a hole, less than 9 rooms, more than 4. So where do we go from here? Any thoughts? We cannot and do not want to pay that. Along with authorize.net and the...
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    Inn-sitters - to hire or not to hire!!??

    I would be interested i talking with you. We are in Oregon. Call my cell at 5418139082.
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    Unknown Trivia About Your Inn

    We were told abt 4 yrs ago by a former owner that a child was buried under the garage. Wellllll, we were told alot of things, so frankly had a 'check in the spirit'. Earlier this year we had a granddaughter of the original owner come visit, for a night to stay in her 'first bedroom'. She was...
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    It's that time of year

    What a difference in attitude with guests and weather........ Guest #1" I arrived home this eve with hubby fixing fireplace in one room. Ok, we chatted abt 1 minute, doorbell rang. "I'll get it, you're busy". I said hello to a very irritable guest that complained that it was raining. Yep, It...
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    Kurse of the Keurig - it causes blindness

    It went to storage. What a pain that thing was! Easier to just make them a pot than to try to explain.
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    The One-Guest Policy

    Not sure how I would word this request........but am worried it will happen again. "Please do not use the hair dryer to de-fog your ocean view picture window. The glass is 93 yrs old, elegantly etched, and it will break." After this, I installed wall mount hairdryers only! They cannot reach...
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    Check-in time

    H and I had a discussion abt 11:00 pm, while waiting for late arrivals. Wondering if we should charge them extra for check-in after 9:00 pm? Just throwing around ideas for controlling the insanity! We discussed charging $10.00 for after 9pm arrivals. Any thoughts? Would it encourage people to...
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    Trimming rhododendrons

    Not sure abt timing in your area, but in the NW I use plant stake fertilizers in summer heavily on the rhodies I am going to cut in the fall. If you fertilize the heavily trimmed rhodies in winter the stems will be weak and any winds will break them. In the fall I cut the height first. You...
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    A New Use for Leftover Soap

    Soap did not work here for deer. But I do put the used bars up on the fence and the neighbor cats have stopped walking the cross pieces. They don't poop in my vegetables any more. I am no longer a deer lover. Sorry but they just are too destructive. I would shoot at them with a nice pellet...
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    late arrivals?

    Ahh, thank you! It will need some work on the remodel. I am back to work this week at full time job, and am on night shift for the late arrivals as well. Sunday night had a lovely couple call at 6pm. "we are in xxx (which is 3 hrs away) and we will be a little late. We also need a dinner rec."...
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    late arrivals?

    Hmm, good points. Husband is the real innkeeper....If I had to write about the innkeeper I would say he is a DIAD (do it all dolly), but that would not look too professional. Very good idea to have a page, maybe with his photo? We are working on new webpages this year, with dil taking...
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    late arrivals?

    Thank you Joey! southcoastinn.com Please, just when you have time. Thank you, ceecee
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    late arrivals?

    Still working toward a solution. Last night 2 late, after 10pm, but before midnight.....was so tired i forgot what time! Show them to room, reiterate breakfast routine, that is it! Husband did find that the rezovation system auto mail is not clear. After his search yesterday and some...