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    How to Join?

    Thanks!! I'm a bit behind on reading the forums at the moment... I just picked up another part time job, bring my total to 1 full time job and 3 part time jobs.. I sure do like to be busy. lol
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    How to Join?

    I was telling a contact about how great this website is and he would like to join, but I can not find how to get an account on I'm sure I'm just blind... But could someone please point it out? Thanks!
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    Newly Hired Innkeeper wondering about reasonable compensation

    As an actively looking aspiring innkeeper, that feels low. Unless you are getting commission or a bonus of somesort. Most of the positions that I have been looking at are $1000/month, on the low end, plus innkeeper's quarters and some sort of bonus based on the inn performance.
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    It's official: adult picky eaters are orthorexic

    All I could think of when I read that headline of FROZEN BANANAS (in lieu of ice cream) was banana ice cream made with just bananas and a splash of milk. So I goo gl ed and found a blog with step by step directions for you all. Enjoy...
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    Permanent Escape and Rescue Ladder

    A One Day Deal - only good 4/19/11 Thought this might be helpful for some. Looks interesting... PEARL Permanent Escape and Rescue Ladder[/h2] $99.99[/h3] + $5.00 shipping
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    We did it and feel a burden lifted

    Good for you! Things will be better in the long run. There seems to be quite a few innkeeping jobs available... I have really stepped up my internet searching and am sending out 5-10 emails a week for potential jobs... With all your experiance, I'm sure you won't have too much trouble finding...
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    April Fools Day Cute Cupcakes for April Fools...
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    Blog - Myths about Bed and Breakfasts Myth - Kids and Pets
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    Blog - Myths about Bed and Breakfasts Myth 4 - Curfews
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    Blog - Myths about Bed and Breakfasts Third Myth - Breakfasts
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    The biggest mistakes in innkeeping I have made...

    PO = Previous Owner There is a glossary with all the terms that are common on these forums. A fun read, and helpful for shorthand.
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    Blog - Myths about Bed and Breakfasts Next myth busted - Shared Baths
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    Blog - Myths about Bed and Breakfasts Kinda neat. Some inns did there own personal blogs in addition to the association blog.
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    Ideas with respect to manager's position

    Yes. He picked a local couple.
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    Another MI B&B on Groupon

    One of the things I like about Living Social is that they have an "Escapes" Tab, which says affordable vacations near you. I see B&B's on there too.