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    Noticing a trend

    Well I only have done it occasionally and learn and re learn everytime I do it. So 3pm yesterday, turned into nearly 4pm and actually 4.30 pm. If I am here and everything is ready fine, but not that interested in wasting an afternoon.
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    I am clueless - guest mentions they are on KETO diet

    A lot to be said for Buffet service, or from a menu of options and then they can just help themselves or tell you from your menu what they want.
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    legal cannabis

    I treat it the same way as smoking. Has been legal in Colorado for a long time.
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    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    I have 2 phones, with different settings for this sort of thing, the one I use basically as a home phone does this, so if I am travelling and have that with me I get the messages.
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    What does your check in look like now?

    Begs tshe question why they are travelling in this COVID era, the safest thing would be to stay at home. Is their journey really essential?
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    I would start with clarification of what you mean by not expected dogs, I have certainly stayed at places that had a dog, and I did not know beforehand if they did or didn't. I have had a dog and have had periods when I have not had a dog, currently also have a cat on loan as the mice issue this...
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    Interesting Air Experience

    A friend did a photo shoot for properties in Breckenridge, none of them are under a $1,000 a night. So probably not amateurs. I always wonder how they deal with AirBnB's policies, I looked at one listing and they had rules in the text that contravened them. Obviously many people use multiple...
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    As a former B & B owner...

    Some business is not worth having, if the info is on your web site just send the link, any info about the town the link to the Chamber of Commerce. How much time do you want to waste on this. I remember somebody who was going on about a discount, a holiday weekend, late cancellation but did not...
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    Every now and again guests can be challenging

    They would have got short shrift from me, I have got reasonably good at spotting these types and the best way to deal with them is cut them off immediately, they can not be placated.
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    Should Innspiring.com Go Private?

    Another vote to keep it open.
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    Reservation software

    I had a demo from Reservation Key and am highly likely to sign up. It is very configurable and whilst I may not take advantage of all those features I know from previous experience there will be some that I will and will find annoying if I could not.
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    Just stay-over, no breakfast?

    I used to be open to the general public, people kept telling me that Breakfast was easy and a good money maker, that was not my experience. I think you need volume, you need staff.
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    Just stay-over, no breakfast?

    I used to be on AirBnB, just a listing service makes no difference as to what you provide.
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    Preferably shot, or somehow involving an Airplane.
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    http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/apr/21/airbnb-new-york-attorney-general-court I can not help but think that NY would not be making all this fuss unless there were political donors in the background wanting it so. I am in the US and quite a few things mentioned I do not have to do. And...