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    Guest Complaints

    Good One Mary! A friend who works at the Omni in my city told me of a guest (older woman) who refused to stay because they did not offer an adult movie channel. I've had a variety of "complaints" due to expectations that I can't possibly meet at a moments notice. A fitness center or more...
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    Guest Complaints

    If this was posted previously, my apologies for resubmitting. It is just too good to not pass around. From Thomas Cook Holidays - listing some of the guest's complaints during the season. 1. "I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local store does not sell proper biscuits...
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    Another MI B&B on Groupon

    My friend and I (she also has a b&b) in our city, are thankful for this thread. We were discussing how the groupon/living social works and to read everyone else's experience is great. Thank you.
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    Inn For Sale

    My place is still for sale too. Home of the 2012 Superbowl, just 2 1/2 miles down on the same street. Asking $299,000- turnkey. I have guests booked through the summer, but would really like to be out before the Indy 500. Just other shores to visit.
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    Trip Advisor Business Listing for 2011

    I signed up for their 30 day trial, not a single click through. Maybe it generates business for hotels, but I don't see where it has generated a dime for me. I would not suggest paying their $400-$600.
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    Need advice Christmas shopping for 10 yo girl please

    I have a 10 year old and Barbie's are a bit young for a 10 year old these days. My daughter is really into American Girl, If you got her a Justin Bieber CD, maybe an inexpensive cd player. The stuffmart is a great idea, or maybe a Border's Bookstore gift certificate for her choice of music or...
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    Is your B&B inspected annually?

    We are inspected by both the health department and fire department every year in order to remain in business.
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    How do you handle 'possible' need to cancel?

    In some cases when I get this call or email I offer them to cancel now and if the room is still available when they are sure they are coming they can book at that point. I explain that it is difficult to rebook the room as time gets closer as everyone who has inquired has been declined...
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    Helllo from JB at an innmates place...

    What a great treat I had today. To meet Samster, JB and innkeep all in the same visit! I look forward to seeing you all again. Wish we had more time! Safe travels home.
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    I could just cry.....

    I had donated 1 room and the couple no showed . I had over 30 people wanting that room.
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    Started my blog!

    JB, We shall agree to disagree on that. I have read a handful of blogs with really poor grammar, sometimes even bad spelling, and occassionally someone spouting facts without doing research. It put me off reading blogs for a long time. Little experience, no editing and a somewhat...
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    Innspiring quotes for innkeepers

    I met someone recently who said "I always wanted to have a b&b". Afterward I thought - does she really? is she doing anything to make it happen? Or is it like the person who says "I always wanted to go to Hawaii" and yet doesn't save a dime to go to Hawaii and uses their vacation time to visit...
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    Started my blog!

    I was hesitant to start a blog. I feel that everyone "thinks" they can write in 2010 and I certainly did not want to publish something if it is not worth reading. When I gave my intern the assignment of putting together a newsletter, she highly suggested that I begin blogging. Ideally about...
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    Trip Advisor certificates

    Yes, mine is on the window by my front door.
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    Inn the news October 22, 2010

    There is a b&b in my town that I toured before opening. They had tubs in the room, "odd" I thought, but if it works, it works. I think it is probably ok for married couples, but what about when you are traveling with a friend?