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  1. dumitru

    New TripAdvisor policies?

    I wonder how that complies with GDPR. You cannot revoke their access to your materials. But under GDPR you should have the right to be forgotten. Am I wrong? It is probable that their new ToS will not stand a chance in real court.
  2. dumitru

    Two In A Room

    What I tried to say is not that only Americans try go get more people into a room, but are actually getting confrontational about it :) I should have been a little more specific :)
  3. dumitru

    Two In A Room

    I wonder if this is an American thing that you're all describing? It would be curious to hear if innkeepers from Europe or other places are having as many "customers with attitudes", especially in regards to the number of people in the room.
  4. dumitru

    Whip it, whip it good

    I can eat gorgonzola cheese in anything, even in apple pie.
  5. dumitru

    Hello from an aspiring innkeeper!

    Maybe some day I'll get to fly across the pond :)
  6. dumitru

    Hello from an aspiring innkeeper!

    I'm envious of you Americans, with your amazing natural landscapes and views... (I'm talking about the photos on Aysgarth's website).
  7. dumitru

    Dumitru and My New Website!

    This post smells fishy 😲
  8. dumitru

    Slideshow Image Dimensions

    What a nice looking website. But you should contact the theme developer, as the slideshow is not working. (I'll be waiting for your email) 😅
  9. dumitru

    Website Revamp - Idea Exchange

    Without Code have a comparison page "WordPress vs Without Code", and so many points are false and misleading. Now why do they have to do that? :( This service is nothing new. If you prefer closed systems then Squarespace and Wix are also good options. But if you want to retain full control of...
  10. dumitru

    I don't allow pets, but...

    True, it's a calculation. If you gain more than you lose, then it probably makes sense. But to keep everyone happy, maybe spell out that you have a deep-cleaning program everywhere you mention that you are dog friendly. "We love animals and we accept pets. Yada yada yada. We do a complete...
  11. dumitru

    I don't allow pets, but...

    As a customer, I would avoid properties that advertise too openly that they are pet-friendly. It is OK to allow small pets, but when you're so focused on accommodating pets that you dedicate valuable marketing space for that, as cute as that sounds, it's a no-no for me. And yes, I had a dog and...
  12. dumitru

    Website Revamp - Idea Exchange

    The price is a bit higher, but you also get a different kind of support. But in the past few years I have offered my products for free to the wonderful users on this forum, though for some reason no one took my offer... Such is life :)
  13. dumitru

    How to - new website

    I would advise most users on this forum against setting up a localhost environment. The main reason is that this would be huge overkill. It may slow down your computer on a daily basis, just so that you can use it for a few days during the re-design process. Why bother? Instead, the easiest and...
  14. dumitru

    Google Analytics - yea or nay?

    If you look at Google Analytics data and just pay attention to numbers like number of visitors, then you're just wasting your time. I have websites (and client websites) where some unrelated page is one of the top traffic sources. But because the page is irrelevant, it skews the overall picture...
  15. dumitru

    Plug in for making charts?

    In the last few years I have written a couple of long-form data-driven articles with a lot of charts in them. As a web developer this should have been easy to pull off. I have researched numerous libraries and scripts. In the end, the best solution that I came up with, is to find a...