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    Help! I under-charged a guest!

    Thanks Kathleen! I was not going to dignify it with a reply. You run your business the way I used to run mine and I would never give a penny of my income to an OTA..thankfully back then it wasn't necessary.
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    Hand-written reviews to online?

    There is a section called REVIEW EXPRESS on TA. I have not worked with it but clients have.
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    Home for sale

    If this is not a B and B right now it shouldn't be listed here. We are not a realty site. Just because you think it would make a b & b doesn't mean it should be here . sorry
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    ads in the sidebar on this website

    Yep is it how the webmaster can make some change on the side :-)
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    Help! I under-charged a guest!

    I would eat the $40 as it was your fault. No way I would charge the guest. Good lesson learned....and why do you pay those OTA's such a huge commission. NO WAY FOR ME!!!
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    Hand-written reviews to online?

    There is some special feature on TRIP ADVISOR..I can't remember the name now...but innkeepers can enter comments from guests. A former client of mine uses it all the time.
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    Hand-written reviews to online?

    NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is going to read 250 reviews you post on your website! Of course you will only post good ones and people know that. That is why they look to TA. I just like to intersperse nice reviews throughout my client's sites. This way it is randomly placed and seen. I would never...
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    Guest Room Art

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    Guest Room Art

    I think Got print does them now as well
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    All in a day's work

    Using you as extended care! I'd say he is being a bit presumptive. I am not sure how I would react to this. I know you want to be nice to the guy but gheez their are limits. If I were a guest there I would be avoiding him like the plague. You need to be charging him for all the nursing care...
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    Today Gillum House Comes of Age

    Congratulations and all best wishes
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    All you can do is Knock and hope for a reply or gave a clean the room hangar for doorknob and TELL THEM TO USE IT. It should not say " do not disturb" it should say "please clean room"
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    We did same. If they were in the room we never bothered them.just make sure they know at check in what the others policy is. Don't depend on them to read it LOL! Though a well placed note would be good.
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    Wondering about Innmates who've moved on...

    They had an auction of household stuff, the place is still listed on Zillow. I believe in NC but have not heard from her.