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    Website Revamp - Idea Exchange

    I use WP Cerber for security and Updraft for WP backups and I update my site every 2 months. It’s been 2 years with WP and I am pleased with it. I also used Elementor for design but once you’re design is done, it’s just regular updates. I’d recommend WP but depends on your level of tech. I have...
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    Competing With Myself

    Same here, if they pick out the rate without all the add-ons air charge then its like comparing apples n oranges..
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    Retiring the airpots

    Have used Hamilton Beach brewstation for years, no carafe, grab a cup and push it under. Three types of sugar packets, single serve creamers and I cut colorful paper straws in half for stir sticks- I tell the guests to use a new cup for more if they wish. Works great so far!
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    Crazy guests

    Yes, I too am tired of parking lot burgers on my 30 mile grocery runs, even the milkshakes taste like burgers to me!
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    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    Almost all of these sites- Tripadvisor, Google etc have built content and advertising revenues off the back of businesses like ours and at near zero cost to themselves . They should pay businesses -something- for the content they provide from their guests or services for benefit to Google...
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    What does your check in look like now?

    Upon check in, I generally welcome the guests (and smile of course) and say that “I will keep my distance” for the ten minutes of check in but I always wear my n95 (I’ve had them for sanding&painting prior to COVID) at breakfast. I have noticed I’m not putting on my usual seasonal fat since I’m...
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    How do you price an Inn?

    As a starting point, what I’ve heard before is if gross revenues can pay for the B&B within ten years..
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    What is it about stairs and guests from certain places?

    I guess I’m lucky as I have three rooms upstairs and two without stairs but I mention that the rooms are upstairs and so far nobody has been nasty about it. (I can carry luggage though to avoid them scraping walls). A one star review because of stairs is unbelievable- most B&B’s are historic so...
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    Dog barking

    Door etiquette: something folks with common sense take for granted!
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    Every now and again guests can be challenging

    I did all the other screens myself and have the supplies so next project day without guests that’s on the list. Luckily I’m handy but it’s still a 2 hour ‘Pita’. They were pleasant enough but the annoying shirt he proudly wore was not my politics (I avoid politics w/guests) which kinda rubs it...
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    Every now and again guests can be challenging

    @InnTheWoods I agree that if guests would only tell you they broke something.. today, a guest that has a screened porch as part of the room somehow put a small 2” “L“ shaped tear in one of the screens. I just fixed all the screens so I know it was them. Guests like to play ‘decorator’ moving...
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    Every now and again guests can be challenging

    I have cameras on the entrances and most importantly outside so I can see when guests arrive to get a head start before the doorbell rings. The cameras seem to keep guests from cramming, half the time if they ask I don’t charge anyway. Altho I don’t use anything but the ‘arrival cam’ my other...
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    Every now and again guests can be challenging

    That’s the way to do it and I’ve done a lot of that, removing really good art from rooms and putting smaller expensive pieces together in period display cabinets but it seems like they’ll always manage to find the one piece thats ‘exceptional’ to have an accident with- with almost laser like...
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    Every now and again guests can be challenging

    Definitely x2 on the mattress pads and I was getting ‘pillow swappers’ until I wrote the inn name with gold marker on all the pillows.. We have to deal with more than people can imagine
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    Every now and again guests can be challenging

    Sorry for the longer post but it’s really a venting post, rather therapeutic.. Well, going into my 16th year here I used to always start a new season with a sense of dread as to what weird thing will happen THIS year at the B&B- usually guest related weird and yes, I’m the one that always gets...