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    New TripAdvisor policies?

    My understanding is they are doing it to be sure they dont get dinged if they scrape copyrighted or other restricted use photos from your site (which you used without authorization)... I'm awaiting more info from our marketing company but in mean time, I am not approving it
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    Hello from an aspiring innkeeper!

    We've been at it 3 years, I would say there are two distinct aspects - operations (what Mary White's book and others seem very good for) and not a lot has probably changed - breakfast, changing rooms etc, though there is more details to cover post COVID However the other aspect is marketing and...
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    Future Inn Keeper Seminar

    They do a good job, full disclosure, one of the people in the original team represented us on our purchase 3 years ago, and did a good job with checklists and things to know. We were "optimistically naive" and never took a class but with good advice from B&B, our marketing company and others we...
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    How do you respond to hagglers?

    There are a lot of variables when I get these calls - is the room full priced for a time that wont be that busy? What is the tone/ the way the people present themselves? High season or low season? One night or more? Cheapest room or a specific/nicer/pricier room? I always respond also that we...
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    If I could start over...

    We have owned 5 room (soon to be 6) B&B in Annapolis MD and to finish your statement - we wouldn't change much of anything other than this damn virus! We ramped up the business, modernized the marketing, invested in delayed and needed infrastructure (roof, siding, hot water heater, kitchen) and...
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    Website Revamp - Idea Exchange

    My wife missed this she is my grammar expert ... Travelers'...
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    Website Revamp - Idea Exchange

    It's hard to comment on anyone's site without seeing it. The suggestions from the pro above are good. Restaurants we are in small urban area Annapolis and we wrote a blog on restaurants that gets a ton of hits and so does our happy hour page. We used a small but very professional and well...
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    Sob Stories and Lies

    Most of our recent cancellations will be coming back in future so I am able to convince them to take a gift certificate. Otherwise we charge $30processing to cover cc charges. We almost never take more than that. We need to be a bit kind during COVID no matter our own difficult circumstances I...
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    another idea is innsitter though that is of course not as steady. there are some consortiums where many innsitters post their listing.. they would also know of FT positions..
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    Did I get kicked out of TA?

    You do have to pay for a business listing, TA extended some extra months too... I totally agree with witthuus, so many of our guests read lots of reviews, many commenting" once I read the reviews I didn't want to stay anywhere else" You can try calling TA, they have been less available than...
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    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    Unless you are looking at Google Analytics to know your traffic/source/assisted bookings, I would bet you are having people scope you out on TA, especially if you are getting good reviews. So many guests tell us they saw our reviews in TA, and once they read them, they knew they wanted to stay...
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    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    Annapolis MD here - we have been down only 10-15% since mid June, and that's mainly price, not number of nights as we lost all the high revenue nights for Navy football and boat show. But people want small. Doesnt hurt to use social media, landing page on web site etc to promote "stay small and...
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    Hi Inn Owners!

    B&B/ Marilyn Bushnell are pros, they know the east coast We will be looking to sell in about a year but you are always welcome to come kick the tires :) www.flaghouseinn.com in historic Annapolis, has been B&B for almost 30 years. contact us direct if you want to have a look ... (Marty...
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    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    We get 10-20 reviews a month in total across all sources and it's a major factor why people pick us because our reviews are so positive. We are surrounded in urban area by chain hotels, so we get a lot of guests who normally would stay in a chain hotel...
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    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    Why wouldnt you ask guests for a review? Best way to zoom to top of rankings