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    Here, let us help

    Okay that got me laughing.
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    So we made our first offer...

    Ah yes. Kilohana turned 60 this year. Do you imagine staying in the area you are now? We thought it was nice there. Somewhere warmer? We have been ruminating on those questions for a couple of years now. I think we will likely stay in our area at least part of the year and we both now have a...
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    Eeeek! We want to become innkeepers

    Remember that we explain that it is the local custom when they arrive on the front lanai and show them where they can leave their shoes. You'll want to have something similar to avoid the worst of all things- an arbitrary rule that makes your guests chaffe. These are the little nuanced...
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    Eeeek! We want to become innkeepers

    There's a book called Attracting Perfect Customers. We did some of the exercises (separately so we could compare) in there and it helped us fine tune our website to appeal to the folks that we saw as our perfect guests. That was a good way to start. Over time, we have developed phrases and...
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    Eeeek! We want to become innkeepers

    We checked out several places before we opened as well. Year 14 coming up. Things I remember that caught our attention: Didn't care for the community table or set breakfast time, so we set up with square four-tops that could be private or combined as the circumstances required. Saw quite a few...
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    Eeeek! We want to become innkeepers

    For those that have heard me go on and on over the last ten years, please forgive me in advance. The life of an innkeeper can be many things. It can come with many challenges. There will be times that you are unsure where to go next or even how to get there. Like most things worth doing, it...
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    Eeeek! We want to become innkeepers

    Talk about getting ahead of the crowd! You've been paying attention all these years Arks!
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    Dropping off the luggage?

    I think it can be a situation where the guest is planning to take their car to a place where maybe they will not have full oversight of it. They are in an area they don't know and have heard enough stories about rental cars getting broken into that they feel better knowing it is mostly empty...
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    Rezovations and Retirement

    Sure wish we would have had a chance to catch up with you when we popped into Indy for the briefest of visits. Alas, we know you're well and we were glad to hear you were hanging up your shingle so you could pursue other things. Virginia is still the one and only time we have been in a Tesla...
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    Captcha on this forum

    I haven't really experienced much trouble with it. I am grateful to SWIRT that we have a forum and I don't have to do anything to benefit from it.
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    Time to drop "Bed and Breakfast" from our name?

    Switched from Kalaekilohana Bed and Breakfast to Kalaekilohana Inn and Retreat once we had a class one commercial kitchen authorized to serve dinner. Good decision. We did it in conjunction with a switch to the TA hotel page and ended up #1 on the island right above the FS. Things have gotten...
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    Making it through the Off Season Financially

    We built up and retain 6 months operating capital. We thought we might have to tap that with all the drama being created on the national and world news about the volcano, but we have managed to pull through on the strength of some recurring business. Every area is so different, but any kind of...
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    Rooms & Small Luxuries

    OTOH- We have intentionally operated for 13 years without TV. Nary a complaint and many compliments for not having them. On the rare day when someone just has to see the Wimbledon finale etc., we send them to the local bar.
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    The long con

    must admit i don't quite understand the title of the thread.
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    No gluten, no dairy

    LOL HMMM Let's see now... How much cholesterol is in coconut? BTW- the breakfast bowls look great.