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    Should Go Private?

    No, his brother, who was living in Toronto. With the border closed it has been a nightmare that hasn’t yet come to an end.
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    Should Go Private?

    I retired in September. I won’t vote due to my status, but after finishing this post I will go to the donate page. This is going to be a long slobbery post. Innkeeping did not come naturally to me. 16 years ago I had a thriving medical career and much more responsibilities caring for both my...
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    Teslas keeping me in business

    Darren, you might consider listing your charger on It’s one of the oldest and frequently used place where drivers go to find places to charge. You should be able to specify for guests only, or set a fee for those who don’t stay if you want to recoup your expenses.
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    Not Covid19 but my brother and SIL decided this year’s school vacation was the time to take a Disney cruise. By the time they flew from VT to FtLauderdale the 3yo granddaughter had a fever. The ship’s doctor came down and with a test kit diagnosed influenza. So the 3 yr old was banned, but the...
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    7 days and counting

    My biggest wish has so far been granted. I wanted to retire before I burned out. People may wonder what I’ll do with all my spare time, so early on I volunteered to work at a local elementary school. Our school system is so messed up financially and academically that it was taken over by the...
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    It's THAT time!

    I'm counting down to September 25th. I'm really happy that I haven't had burn out, and am loving the guests who have made my last summer so special. I have signed up to volunteer at a local elementary school about 3 days a week, and am also helping out with our church's prison ministry 3 times...
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    We bought it!

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    Another Scam?

    But he's a sailor. Reminds me of my 21st birthday celebration in Nashville, TN. I was with several girlfriends, all of whom were already 21. Since they all knew that I was a Grand Ole Opry fan, they suggested we go to Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, where Opry performers were rumored to hang out...
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    Hello! Innkeeper 18 years, new here.

    Unfortunately I think Air is here to stay and I’m competing against $50 per night places and a soon to be built 200 room hotel half a mile away. So even though I have found myself to be well equipped personality wise to be an innkeeper, I don’t have the personality of a Maytag washing machine...
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    Going to visit some new innkeepers

    I just got one of those fishy emails asking about six single rooms for 2 weeks, which reminds me that a new innkeeper needs to be aware of all the credit card scams out there. Remember the six Greek priests? Or the packages that arrive a week ahead of the guest and then you’re asked to send them...
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    Tesla Destination charging

    My interest in Tesla charging predates the destination charging program by about 6months, so I have a 50 Amp plug in my garage and a second 50 Amp plug in the driveway. For non-Teslas I have a portable J1772 electric car charger that plugs in. I have had a couple of Leafs stop by, and a week ago...
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    CC machine paper rolls

    My credit processing company has also decided to change to a new system as I count down to retirement. So I switched to Square. I now have lots of 1 1/2” deep and 2 1/4 “ wide thermal paper. If you’d like it just let me know and I’ll send it all to anyone who wants it. You can email me through...
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    A comprehensive review of Air

    Health Department inspector came today. She says one of her work colleagues uses Air “all the time”. They just don’t get it. I yelled at her
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    A comprehensive review of Air A comprehensive review of Airflophouse
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    Ancient Forum Post Quirk

    I’ll let you know at the end of September. Pre-retirement has kept me busy. Full houses next two weekends.