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    showing our property this week

    There's some crappy unprofessional business practices right there. What's the point of showing a property to someone who can't qualify to buy it? There is no fairy dust that will suddenly turn everything around just because everyone really, really wants it to happen. No agent should be...
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    Using facebook pages

    Anybody getting good results from their facebook page? What's working for you? Have you tried anything from this list?
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    showing our property this week

    ALL REALTORS should be pre-qualifying ALL buyers. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen, and that level of poor service and lack of professionalism speaks poorly about all agents. It leads to many a heartache -- for everyone concerned.
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    Why (and How) Your Business Should Get Visual

    I started writing a reply here, but realized it would got out-of-hand, so I deleted it all. Suffice it to say, Pinterest is probably the most exciting form of marketing there is for something like a b&b. The potential is through the roof, if done properly.
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    privacy or no privacy???

    Just the other day, literally hours ago, I ran across an article about the increasing popularity of having bathtubs in bedrooms. Unfortunately, my mind is becoming more feeble at a faster and faster clip these days, and I can no longer recall where I saw it. Maybe here, for all I know. I do know...
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    B&B vs. Hotel Stay

    I think that's it in a nutshell: those who need the rules won't read them -- or even abide by them -- and those who don't might get insulted by them.
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    B&B vs. Hotel Stay

    The perception that B&B = a doily gallery is hard to break.
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    Bait and Switch

    Soooooo . . . they have one bottle that never actually gets sold. No trees were planted that day. Keep an eye on that place. They're trying to fund their renovations any way they can, no matter how unscrupulous. Karma and the internet will take care of them, but in the meantime, what a punch in...
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    Lying in online reviews: a study

    Lying in online reviews: it's actually been studied by MIT. They could have just asked us. What does this study means for customer facing professionals? I think we can take two actionable ideas away from it: Never use online ratings as the only source of customer satisfaction/service...
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    Booking review

    That's nice to see. Glad it worked out so well for you.
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    Reading: business or pleasure?

    That book has been on my list for a long, long time. It's on my business list, though, for insights into management style. :)
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    Reading: business or pleasure?

    Found this article about customer service books, and it got me wondering: when you have time to sit down and read, are you more likely to read for business or pleasure? Do you try to do both? I keep business-related stuff all around me during the day so I can grab-and-read a paragraph or two...
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    Advertising for sale

    I agree with CH. Who's the target market for the publication? I don't see the point of advertising to travelers that you're trying to get out of the business. What if you're suddenly successful right before their big event? As an aside, where IS your place being advertised? (I'm not being...