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  1. J

    Reservation Software

    ReservationKey is our Online software, Very few issues ang the Owner/Programmer is always attentive.
  2. J

    The phone caller - you just know!

    Very funny! Hang in there - It's almost time for our R&R to begin. Blessings to the Hospitality Industry - Especially us small Business's.
  3. J

    Took me long enough to figure this one out

    I hear that!! We close 11/15. Less than one month. Looking forward to some R&R for ourselves. God Bless you all for serving others with cheer and grace. Rest up - next year is just around the corner.
  4. J

    Took me long enough to figure this one out

    Covers cleaning costs - that's a help!!
  5. J

    Can’t remember the exact quote

    Right on. 4 more weeks for us!!! Looking forward to some R&R of our own.
  6. J

    There’s nothing to eat!

    When we first started - I would be extremely inflexible - you ate what was made or selected from our Continental Breakfast layout, Instant Oatmeal - bagels - toast - muffins - fresh fruit etc.... NOW, I'm more comfortable as a short order cook that all special requests (made prior to the...
  7. J

    Looking to buy a b&b

    Oak Valley inn & suites is for sale. - No property - Just profitable turn-key Business opportunity - great lease!
  8. J

    There’s nothing to eat!

    Ban some Parents!! Good one
  9. J

    There’s nothing to eat!

    Sorry to hear this, We love children at our Inn. They are so cute in the mornings at breakfast. (OK, Some are!) Two days ago a little girl asked Margie if she could hug her. BUT, and it's the BIG BUT - The Parents make all the difference. Maybe, people are used to No Children at many B&B's - I...
  10. J

    What would you have done?

    Pre-Covid, the breakfast table was full of breads, muffins etc... Self serve yourself Toasts - Bagels -or some instant oatmeal with fruit in addition to or instead of the Breakfast of the Day. Now, we are a LITTLE more flexible - a couple eggs is really no big deal. However, We do ask ALL...
  11. J

    2 Interviews Scheduled; 2 No-Shows

    We had a few people work one day - then stop responding etc.... - When the Gov't pays people more to stay home - many will not work!! We have been lucky though and are grateful for that. I don't wat to get Political BUT, we really need to pay attention to our Liberties - less we loose them...
  12. J

    Going in alone

    "Nothing to Fear but Fear itself" That is a true statement. I suggest doing your numbers - if they work out for you - Jump in! Try and understand that Innkeeping is a lifestyle and not a job!! It took me years to finally truly understand this fact and accept the reality that I'm on the clock...
  13. J

    Going in alone

    When we entered the business we read a book "So you want to be an Innkeeper" it was good and went over most of the information that we needed to proceed. When looking for software and policies, I contacted very successful Inns and spoke to Owners. Got some great tips - especially on cancellation...
  14. J

    Take a look!! - Willing to train and groom the right person or couple to take over the Oak Valley Inn. Great way to get in to the Business.

    Try and take a look at the Oak Valley Inn and suites in Geneseo, NY. We are looking to sell - lease or transition with an Innkeeper to help us - potential partnership or sale with flexible terms. Note: Property not included - Long Term favorable lease with growth potential - No Living expenses...
  15. J

    Best of times/worst of times?

    Best July ever here as well. Guests are fine - some more extended stays (it's nice to get to know the guests). Has anyone noticed major price increases in the industry? We have kept our pricing the same so far! I find it difficult to offer the better experience and receive $100+ per night less...