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    Old posts from 12+ years

    Hiya everyone! I am still kicking. Was thinking of y’all today and got a new password to check in here. Where to start with updates: DH and I celebrate 33 years of marriage in Jan. More in love than ever— even with barely escaping the B&B while raising a family. 13 years. It did take a toll on...
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    Innmates are a Blessing

    I cannot express in any words Kathleen. I wish I was closer to lend a hand. My heartfelt prayers are being said from this sister of the shiny knees for you and your loved ones today. We love you K!
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    Frommers: "Foreign travel slump"

    Blame the bloody Russians, no wait, blame the Brexit. No wait, blame the terrorists. Yeah how about that one. Payback time my butt. GO TRUMP! Ban me...go ahead.
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    Innkeeper Travel Opportunities

    OregonInnkeeper try this. Some of them are non pet sitting gigs, all over the world. Join up and share your experience and you may find a few good ones to keep you busy traveling.
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    Got a WordPress notification This Morning

    Tourism agencies will should notify you if you are used in an article: #1 So you can share on social media as well, and #2 be aware they used you. This is exciting you are featured. I know how it is, I put the most amazing packaged together (and listed on the state site) and never got a hoot. I...
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    Your worst day...

    There is no way to prepare for anything like that. But there are ways to be the best you can be.
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    Your worst day...

    Most people don't really go about it this way, they jump in with both feet. Planning and asking horror stories? An odd combination. This forum has a decade of stories embedded throughout, I would just peruse the forum til you find what you are looking for.
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    Online Reservation Systems

    How are you renting it out? On airbnb? Then you can use their availability calendar to make sure you are not double booked.
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    Two choices for new inkeepers

    Welcome to the forum! If you don't provide private baths (ensuite) going forward then expect to struggle. It is that simple. Yes people will say I have a shared bath, I do this I do that and it is all fine. They would really admit that they wish they had ensuites for all their rooms, but each...
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    I am for sale and in Virginia

    More about the estate auction Saturday of Easter Weekend April 15, 2017 here is a link (nothing is there yet, but check back end or middle of March) it took a team of 6 adults x 9 hours one day, 10 hours the next, then another team of 4 to do 3 more hours that they couldn't fit in the truck the...
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    I am for sale and in Virginia

    Saturday of Easter weekend at local auction house (without spelling it out), the auctioneer could not believe all they had. Filled the warehouse, usually they combine estates for auctions. The innkeepers were just giving it to the new owners, and no one appreciated it. The new owners could have...
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    Specials for Valentines Day

    Are you trying to attract guests or do something for those who are already booked in? That is the question you need to ask first. Attract guests - then promote a month of love getaway, as mentioned it is not just on the one day. Don't make it tacky drugstore gradeschoolisms, make it classy, and...
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    What to serve with...

    Bacon The answer is always bacon. Chocolate dipped bacon, honey glazed bacon. I wanted to share something for Valentine's Day and beyond for innkeepers, I was working on this, and to some of you it won't really make sense, but to others it will. Add your inn name on it or wherever if you are...
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    I am for sale and in Virginia

    Amazing how even more spacious this place looks with most guest room furnishings gone- former B&B, beautiful home for sale unfurnished. Buy the home and make it your own. Maintenance has not been deferred. 185 CLAIBORNE AVE Rocky Mount, VA 24151 $454,900 8 bd 8 full ba 5,152 sqft 0.58 lot...
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    Do you advertise/market your green initiatives?

    Good one, keep doing it old boy. I am not going to discuss it either, I don't have to anymore. Abortion or Obamacare. We are getting a green award from the state, but again that is for being conscientious of our resources.