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    New coffee carafe advice needed

    We've been using these for nearly 20 years now and they are affordable and work very well. We use the glass lined carafe, but they have a stainless version.
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    This is for any inns located in NJ

    Thanks for the suggestion
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    This is for any inns located in NJ

    I agree. It seems ridiculous and adding risk, not removing it.
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    This is for any inns located in NJ

    I received a copy of new sanitization protocols from the state of NJ for hotels. I am wondering if any other NJ inns received this and if so, does this apply to inns? In particular there is one section which stipulates any occupied guest room must be cleaned, sanitized, and have towels and...
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    Anyone on HotelTonight?

    I'll jump in as someone who has been using hotel tonight from it's earliest days. I'm located next to a larger casino resort town and whether I like it or not there are lots of hotels around and a lot of competition. If you want to fill last minute rooms we have found HT to do the best job...
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    All lodging shut down

    I looked at the numbers a different way. If this is as easily spread as they indicated (one person would give it to two) It would take about 28 days to spread to everyone. Even if it took 2 days to transmit, still if the virus was showing up early January, by the time all the social...
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    Dumbing down breakfast

    We changed our menu several years ago to change with the times. We noticed more and more people who had "food allergies" or this condition or that condition or didn't like some ingredient in our breakfast dish. We have 18 rooms and would constantly be getting requests for something special or...
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    CC processor suggestion needed ASAP!

    Thanks for the information.
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    CC processor suggestion needed ASAP!

    Are you sending the invoice from Square or from ResKey (using the payment due link).
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    CC processor suggestion needed ASAP!

    Thanks. I guess what I am wondering about Square is what is the rate when a charge is made directly through RK? This would not be a tap, dip, or swipe through one of their readers but something keyed into the RK software. As another data point for folks, I am currently using InnPayments...
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    CC processor suggestion needed ASAP!

    Can you let me know what rate Square charges when using RK?
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    Credit Card Processor

    We have tried a few processors over the years and haven't been able to get below about 3.2%. We've generally been using the cost plus method and the expensive rewards cards have been killing us. I'm in the process now of switching over to InnPayments to give it a try. Its similar to square...
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    Trouble with guests losing keys?

    We have 18 rooms and use regular keys. We used to make a big deal about not losing the keys, have guests initial they will be charged for a replacement, etc. etc. We lose about 20 or 30 keys every year. After a while I realized it was costing me about $50 a year in key replacement, but I...
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    Thanks for the information, everyone. I think the best thing for me to do is try it and see what happens. I can't really de-list from the OTA's (I mean I could but they do drive a noticeable amount of traffic) and I'm not quite seeing how TC will necessarily take all of that traffic but it...