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    Select Registry

    Take it as a compliment. :)
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    New Photo on BWTS

    Try this link: Thanks again, Kathleen! Jay
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    B&Bs Update For A New Era

    I cringed when I read the opening paragraph too, but you can't discredit the blogger for bringing it up. It's not his responsibility to omit the stereotypes or put them to rest - it's ours. The rooms with baby dolls staring at you still exist. The uncomfortable breakfast scenario still exists...
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    U.S. Tourism Promoters Miss the Mark on Branding

    Just a little FYI to bring it home to the B&B/inn industry. Just 2 weeks ago, I was at the office of the CTP visiting with their top execs. My goal - to make sure the B&B industry is not left off their radar screen. We deserve to be part of their plan as much as hotels. Discover
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    Tripadvisor reviews from Home computer

    I would contact TripAdvisor and give them a heads up, because having multiple reviews come from the same IP address, which happens to be located at or near the property (how they can tell this info, I'm not sure) has raised red flags. Red flags can cause properties to be accused of fraudulent...
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    Review That Bugs My .....

    With all due respect to my peers on the forum, I do not think I moved the discussion into any direction that might be skirting the line of appropriateness. I offered the suggestion of using reason in addressing the innkeeper's grievance - rule A says the following...the review broke rule A as...
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    Review That Bugs My .....

    After playing middle man for the last three years between frustrated innkeepers and TripAdvisor, the best advice I can offer - if you feel the review should be removed - is to cite TripAdvisor's own guidelines for writing reviews, if you feel the reviewer violated a guideline. They can be found...
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    B&Bs to have representation on US Travel Association Board

    The funny thing is...a senior staff person from USTA was at the banquet in Charleston when my beard was removed! So, they know what they're getting. A guy who gives a pound of flesh (and hair) to his organization. :)
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    B&Bs to have representation on US Travel Association Board

    FYI...thought my friends on here would appreciate the news. The opportunity should be a good one for our industry. PAII CEO Elected to U.S. Travel Association Board of Directors For Immediate Release – April 6, 2011 Contact: Marti Mayne, 207-846-6331, Haddon...
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    B&Bs likely safe from paperwork burden

    Hi all... Just wanted to put something out there for you to all know. The sweeping healthcare reform bill from last year included a provision that would require all businesses to start submitting 1099 forms for every vendor with whom you spend $600 in a given year...everyone from your handyman...
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    Disconcerting comments

    Interesting response to the BWTS video. That's the first time I've heard it as "off putting." We are in a strange place with the campaign, because to date it has been 100% esoteric - only for the eyes and ears of innkeepers and those in our industry - but it's starting to become known by those...
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    Responding to negative reviews

    A perfect response...bravo.
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    Can you legally kick guests out mid-stay?

    Hi Folks, Recently I attended the Heartland Conference in Eureka Springs, AR...and was approached with a question that honestly stumped me. Yes, it happens all the time - just ask my wife and staff. :) If you have a guest staying with you for a 3 night stay, and after 24 or 36 hours...
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    We're going to the Arkansas B & B Conference! See you there!
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    Looking for inns that have had false reviews posted about them on Tripadvisor ASAP for interview w/Today show

    Hi Heather, By all means - post to the PAII forum. TripAdvisor knows that I am both a saber-rattler when it comes to certain issuess and an association exec who offers vendors the opportunity to showcase their goods and services. I would suggest someone myself, but I cannot recall which...