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    One thing you learned from YOUR STAY at another inn that you have implemented?

    I love all that stuff. As a kid I requested getting a Christmas stocking with neat notepads and pens. I love stationary sets, I love cards. In my next life I might be the restocker of the hallmark cards or something. I would buy most of them. Before we moved in I already had the stationary...
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    Serving tea as an event

    2 hours is a good time frame. There are a ton of books on TEA gatherings, they were quite the fad a couple years back. Some of my favorite guests were here for a child's tea party. They were here from DC and he was a retired 4 star and she a big wig. The tea house was an old victorian in...
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    When guests don't like the innkeeper

    Interestingly enough, I think most of us learned what we did not like from other innkeepers at B&B's. Nothing wrong with that, it takes all types, but that is the first thing I thought of, things I never wanted to do, vs what I wanted to do. There are good B&B's and bad B&B's. We would like...
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    Health insurance, can you afford it or will it break you?

    SeeBen this is a VERY controversial topic in the USA right now. I am afraid this is not a good topic for the forum - or I should say "WARNING WARNING!!!!!!" Yes, this is very political, extremely so.
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    Why have a blog...

    arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh If you don't LIKE blogging, then don't do it. Don't do it because others say to do it. If you don't like maintaining your website, don't do it. Do what you can, and what you are capable of doing. Hire an accountant, hire a landscaper, hire a decorator, a cook, a web...
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    Lyle Lovett at Roanoke Performing Arts Oct 31st 2009

    Anyone interested - Lyle Lovett will be in Roanoke Sat Oct 31st - Halloween. I have only one room booked in thus far, if you would like to see him and stay with us - give us a call or book online. Here is the PRE-release tickets code to get tickets before they go on sale...
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    Serving tea as an event

    Afternoon tea. Yes, and in fact if you are interested contact your local or regional homeschooling group and you might have some fun with that. We had a mother and daughter tea - it was very elegant. Everyone dressed up and the girls used the fine china and ate dainties. Garden clubs and...
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    We are off! Hope my knees hold up!

    HALLELUJAH! Gimmee the brainy band any day... Funny thing is guests mention ALL the time how they were in marching band. I love to hear their stories. So much work but such great memories and how it helped form who they are today. It ain't for the faint hearted. 3 hours practice 3 days a...
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    We are off! Hope my knees hold up!

    K, please tell me you will blog about this. This is something fun, and you might get some fellow musicians to book because they read about you out there blasting away on your sax! I am not big into personal info in blog articles, I think they can turn potential guests away, but milestones...
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    Wish us luck!

    I take such terrible food photos...I just took this of check-in refreshments and it came out so bad I had to alter it into a watercolor. this really is an art!!
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    Phone Calls

    Another caller asked if we have a room on saturday next week. She asked what size the rooms are? I was taken aback for a moment, Size? Then she said, There are only two of us, so we don't need a large room. HUH?
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    Phone Calls

    One of my phone calls from yesterday is checked in, I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday after being out in the hot sun, the last thing I wanted was to be stuck on the phone. Babying guests. I was gone from 2 to 4pm at an event and she calls and says "Where have you been! I have been...
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    Bed Bugs - on the Exterminators Show

    I still think we encountered them in VA Beach in June. See I never looked around the headboard...but it is so dang buggy over there who knows what. We have so few bugs here in comparison to many areas, I am grateful for that. This year we had some rain so the mozzies multiplied like crazy! I...
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    Did you do anything for your first guest?

    MTL When will ya'll open? Is it on the horizon, is that the reason for this question? I sure hope so!!! I want to go and visit so many on this forum, you are all a part of this venture for me.
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    I hope everyone gets mucho out of this forum. It is bien bien and ya'll are great! Keep the subject matter comin'!!!