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  1. Kay Nein

    RezStream Report Help Please

    Thanks for your input, JimBoone. Some of the reports close down at month end, some don't. We are pulling data on the 1st, luckily I have subscribed to auto-generated reports so that's helpful. It's just really crazy how their reports pull data in general. I've been pouring over them for...
  2. Kay Nein

    RezStream Report Help Please

    Hello old friends. This is a blast from the past from North, North Georgia USA. We sold our B&B about 5 years ago and I dropped off Innspiring, though I think about the friends I made here quite often. I've had an accounting and bookkeeping business since 2005, so I went back to serving my...
  3. Kay Nein

    How do you handle special requests?

    It seems that when we agree to do something special for someone we get burned. Specifically agreeing to an early check-in. Funny story - Last weekend, I had some friends visiting the next town and I had a small 1.5 hour window to go to an event with them. My time was slim. A guest had...
  4. Kay Nein

    How are the reservations going?

    Our January was 3x more than Jan 2015. February was 2x more than 2015. We've already surpassed last year's March. This is supposed to be our slow season, when we sleep in every day and do projects because we are bored. A new casino opened up 30 minutes north of us and people have to drive...
  5. Kay Nein

    Virus/Scam Alert

    Just got this email this morning and thought nothing of it. I tried to open the attachment and luckily it did not open. Really, that was my wake-up smack in the face that this maybe wasn't what it appeared to be. Maybe the attachment will affect someone else's computer even though it didn't...
  6. Kay Nein

    TA new regulations

    I just had a rep call and try to get us to sign up for BL. I gave him an earful about what I've been hearing from all of you - huge auto-renewal increases without notice, limited points of contact, etc. He said that must be from a few years ago, blah blah blah. I told him that it was just...
  7. Kay Nein

    Couple of questions as I move forward in my innkeepers journey...

    Good luck to you and please keep us updated. I'm really curious to hear how this plays out.
  8. Kay Nein

    Couple of questions as I move forward in my innkeepers journey...

    This raises more questions - are you getting a W2 or a 1099?. Because if they are considering the "crazy amount" as part of your your pay, you could end up seeing that on a tax document at the end of the year. Now is the best time to find that out, not on Feb 2nd when you get your tax documents.
  9. Kay Nein

    Traveling to Georgia

    WOOHOO! I'm so excited to meet y'all. As soon as I replied to your email, my "compadre" called and said she'd spoken to you. We have a big event on the night of the 10th, but it looks like you're not staying that night too, is that right?
  10. Kay Nein

    Traveling to Georgia

    I just sent you a private message
  11. Kay Nein

    Traveling to Georgia

    Thanks so much, CH! I am hoping they are heading my way. I'd clear my calendar to host one of "us". *cough-cough* I may need a sick day
  12. Kay Nein

    Innkeeper woke up on the wrong side of the bed

    Awe, thanks! I've been way too super busy. Counting down the days til I'm officially off one of my boards (where I've been battling other strong personalities. I'M TIRED of fighting!!) 19 days & counting! I'm festival organizer of a large annual event here that's happening in 30 days. Ugh...
  13. Kay Nein

    No show from booking?

    We do a 3-6p check in. Our confirmation email states that we only allot check-ins after 6pm if they make arrangements in advance. We get alot of calls from that. We also started a few other habits - We call when their room is clean to tell them that they can check-in early if they are...
  14. Kay Nein

    New Innkeeper desperately needs advice

    We have one room for all kids under 14. We've had people get a little bent about it when that room is already booked or they realize how much that room costs. Our new response is, "So, I get yelled at by you or I get yelled at by my other guests because there's a kid in the house. Either way...