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  1. KenW

    Free rooms - discuss.

    With both of my businesses I run from these promotions that promise great marketing that will translate into sales....never produced anything. However when the opportunity comes to give we do. We have donated stays to Make a Wish, and other organizations. We met a serviceman on a flight that had...
  2. KenW

    Can’t remember the exact quote

    Our season is only 4 months.After month 3 and several thousand guests my wife and I are running out happy gas...Its that time that we must take a seat on our deck and look at the beauty and environment and realize it's all just a gift.
  3. KenW

    Hello from me

    Good housekeeping is hard to find, we are lucky too. Guess it depends on how big the room is but ours teams up and 2 can throughly clean a room an hour.. as long as its getting happy!
  4. KenW

    interview Questions

    I have been hiring people for 35 years though other businesses and and know that there is no 100% knowing what you hired until they come to work. Seems that many have the interviewing process down and can do well only to find that it was a mistake. I think doing a complete back round and...
  5. KenW

    Doing me a favor, are you?

    Seems we have our share of moving people between rooms so they can stay with us, we always offer to move their luggage to the new room, give them the new door code so they can come and go without having to do a new check in. but there is only so much you can do.
  6. KenW

    Best of times/worst of times?

    100% occupancy for July, and if we get a cancelation we up the price a bit and it's snagged in literally minutes. As far as guests, we always have our share of "Karins"
  7. KenW

    We finally did it!

    We do use all the OTAs, and convert them to direct when the opportunity arises. Our direct bookings increase every year and now at about 70%. they are a necessary evil in building reviews and filling last minute vacancies.
  8. KenW

    Hard to know where to look

    It's a different the old saying goes...For every Jack there's s Jill.
  9. KenW

    Ring doorbell question

    Won't work without WiFi so once you get your internet service it would have to be reset.
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    Marketing, names, how much does it make a difference?

    That's some good stuff!
  11. KenW

    Marketing, names, how much does it make a difference?

    Sounds cityish...guess it depends on who you are marketing to. I think the name is the first thing that people see when searching and could be a click for more information or not.I could be wrong but when doing a google search the name you choose could be important to Google finding your...
  12. KenW

    Got our first 1 star review!

    I think we were devastated when we got our first negative review. Not only did they just write one they went to every site and wrote one. Fortunately I was able to respond which explained why I had to ask them to vacate. It's an opportunity for future guests to know you won't put up with...
  13. KenW

    I guess Innspiring has surrendered to AirBnBs too

    Think you should use all assets available if and when you need them. Not sure where we would be without them. The booking engines helped build our business. 5 years in we continue to increase our direct bookings, now at 70% and use them to sell vacancies. Necessary evil.
  14. KenW

    Hello! New Innkeepeers here!

    Welcome! World of info here. 1. We thought my wife and I could do it all..nope. 2. keep it simple as possible. can't be everything to everyone so find your niche.4.if it's breaking replace it and buy a second for back up.5. Youtube is one of your best friends and Good Luck!
  15. KenW

    Others booking for guests

    Guess I am fretting over nothing, sometimes never see who is staying here. Especially this year with all the flight delays and check ins very late and gone before I get out of bed.