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    How do you respond to hagglers?

    The first B&B I worked at discounts were in our favor. A couple people got the best rooms in the house for the cheapest room rate during the off season only because we didn't feel like cleaning it that day when we had open clean rooms available. We just told them that there was an issue with...
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    Whip it, whip it good

    Hooray for Hilton! But glad I'm NOT there!
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    Help with bedding

    At my new place of employment the duvet covers have two slits about 12 inches from the top seam on both sides so you can reach in and grab the duvet. I put the duvet in with the top first. Then I tuck the bottom corners in. Then just grab the top corners through the slits and the duvet...
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    Hello from me

    Hello Innmates! I'm back online now that the library is open again. The website changed since last time I was here. Due to not having many hours at the B&B I got a job at a hotel! (Gulp) They are quite different all around! It was a little shocking! But I survived the change and blame it...
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    Trip Insurance - Anyone Offer It?

    Step out and be the first! Another reason for someone to book your place over the others.
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    Looking to buy a b&b

    B&B Team. Innshopper. Just put in b&b for sale and these three will pop up along with others. I also search real estates websites and put in 4 plus bathrooms and places come up. Try also houses with in-law apartments
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    Contacting Google maps

    Maybe you can help google find Mort's address?
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    A Tale of Night & Day - First Two Reservations Ever

    I was also "baptized by fire" as an innkeeper. It makes you enjoy every guests you have that is wonderful and they enjoy you! May you have wonderful guests the rest of the year! And happy leap day tomorrow!
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    Boo cancellations on the rise

    One of the reasons we took our family inn off of that place.
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    Another SCAM to be aware of

    Thank you for the information.
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    Grants or other outside help

    I found out about grants through Eliot from B&B Team. He was giving out two different grant application at a seminar I went to.
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    Other Websites

    Yes. My uncle wanted a certain domain name for the family inn long ago so when I saw it expired, I snag it. I once had a dream that boo king let their domain name expire by accident and I saw it... I still smile at that one.
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    A w2 question USA

    I would contact the funeral parlor. Another person to contact is the burial plot manager. They will have contacts. We did that and gave the place our info and the next to kin contacted us an hour later.
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    We're Now an Inn & Spa!

    Wonderful! Wishing you the best! And yes, do a dog spa too. Its right up your alley. A bigger mini barn could work if a groomer wasn't interested.
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    Please write down your final wishes

    So sorry to hear this!