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  1. Madeleine

    Fast breakfast

    We had one of those days, altho not as quickly over! Everyone showed up at 7:30 (not expected) and the one person who did not grabbed a coffee to go.
  2. Madeleine

    Electric Blankets?

    No particular brand but get one with dual controls so you can keep one side cooler than the other. Never sleep on top of it. If you're a tosser (not in the UK sense) don't get one. You don't want to wrap yourself up in it while sleeping. They are great for warming up the bed before you get in...
  3. Madeleine

    Patience Isn't My Virtue

    First time anyone has accused me of having patience. I don't give tours for the sake of a tour. If someone wants to see a specific room before they book I'll do that because walk ins are a measurable part of my biz model. We do get folks who are staying elsewhere wanting to know what our prices...
  4. Madeleine

    Housekeeping tools and equipment ideas

    My laundry is on the first floor and in the basement. Here's how I lug everything around: 5 gallon pail (think cat litter or buy them at the paint store) holds all the cleaning supplies. A separate zippered plastic bag (think the wrapping pillowcases come in) is clamped to the outside of the...
  5. Madeleine

    Room Pricing on 3rd Party sites

    You can do this on RezKey yourself. Put your prices across the board at the higher rate then 'discount' during the week.
  6. Madeleine

    GF, soy free, vegan

    So I did a fruit crisp and topped it with granola and fresh fruit. DH bought vegan butter sub and that worked out well for the GF toast. Did not offer veggie sausage as it has eggs in it and also gluten. Apparently this food regimen is not appreciated by all members of the family who sighed and...
  7. Madeleine

    GF, soy free, vegan

    I don't think my sugar comes from beets grown locally. I know the maple syrup is kinda local. But the sugar? I don't think so.
  8. Madeleine

    GF, soy free, vegan

    Because if it's good then I can serve it to other people. But I am leaning toward pointing out the oatmeal and the 'help yourself' breakfast. But I have the chia seeds and the rice milk so might as well try it. Or the apple juice and maple.
  9. Madeleine

    GF, soy free, vegan

    Why not agave? We love that stuff. I can't use white sugar for a vegan, right? ;-) I would use maple syrup, that would be tasty. I have a little leeway now to practice.
  10. Madeleine

    GF, soy free, vegan

    I'll look for the glutenfreeda in case we don't have time to prep this the day before. (Having more housekeeper problems. So pretty tired right about the time I should be putting together something for the next day.) Got matcha in a gift box from Japan. This could be where to use it.
  11. Madeleine

    GF, soy free, vegan

    I just looked on the BRM site for some recipes and saw the pricing for buying from the site. Thanks for the recipe. It makes a 'pudding' consistency, right? How do you divide it up - into individual bowls to start or spoon it out to serve? That sounds better to me than making it with rice milk.
  12. Madeleine

    GF, soy free, vegan

    Not yet. Had a guest this morning who didn't really want the breakfast and said, 'Oh look, you have oatmeal, I'll have that instead.' So, oatmeal it is. I can have a little extra fruit put aside to go on top, maybe some nuts as well and Bob's yer uncle, no more worrying. (I'll need to check if...
  13. Madeleine

    GF, soy free, vegan

    I'm just going to feed them based on what they told me. If they look oddly at it, then I'll bring up my confusion. I'll have to get almond milk or something like so if they need 'cream' for their coffee I'll point it out. If they go for the high test stuff, I'll make panna cotta for the next day.
  14. Madeleine

    Guest says...

    Just what I was thinking. And how I acted. It would be similar to hearing loud noises coming from room when no one was in it or hearing water running or seeing smoke or closing open windows in event of a thunderstorm (most guests plug their iThings in under the windows, what a mess). We've gone...
  15. Madeleine

    GF, soy free, vegan

    Thanks! Leaning toward the oatmeal or the chia seed thing. Just got another email from guest. They want organic milk and butter only. I think that negates the whole vegan thing but I could be wrong. Maybe you can eat vegan as long as the animals are fed organically. (Sputtering noises might...