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    How do you market to existing guests?

    Camberleyhotel, that is actually a really great idea; have you found a fair amount of success doing that? Joey Bloggs, I like that you post on FB and blog, however, being that the reach of FB Pages has been lessened lately due to their new focus on sponsored ads; do you feel a little more...
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    Be green. 15 Tips on how to create a more sustainable inn.

    Be green. Here's some great tips from wikiHow on how to make your inn more sustainable. Don't let the title fool you, these tips are applicable to B&Bs as well. "How To Create a Green Hotel" Eco-friendly lodging is not only great for the environment...
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    3 Trends in Travel Marketing for 2012-13

    Business2Community recently posted this article about current trends in Travel Marketing. 1.Going Green 2.Personalized Experiences 3.Mobile, mobile. mobile...
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    NY: Join Bescover's VP Marie Lanier at the Empire State Bed and Breakfast Association's Annual Meeting Nov 7

    Bescover's VP, Marie Lanier will be speaking at the Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown, NY on November 7, 2012. Marie will speak on "Mobile Money....Is it flowing into your B&B?" Did you realize that 34 million travelers use their mobile devices to research travel BEFORE they book, and that their...
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    Decorating for Halloween

    I love Halloween and all the fun that comes with it. Do you decorate your inn like a haunted house...or is your inn a haunted house? Which inns really get into it, I'd love to see some links to pictures or even hear of some ghoulish themed treats. For those that may go overboard with this, have...
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    Do you recycle your used soap bars, shampoo, and amenities?

    I have read a few B&B blogs where innkeepers talk about programs such as this one I came across earlier called Clean the World. It seems like a great concept in that your used soaps and such are collected to be used in communities where basic needs such...
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    Social Media: Which outlet do you see as most effective for creating leads for your inn?

    Social Media: Which outlet do you see as most effective for creating leads for your inn?
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    How do you market to existing guests?

    I assume most innkeepers keep a good email list of existing customers to e-mail about specials and such; as well as have read from some innkeepers that give customers discount vouchers for off season dates. I've also red where some inns will "upgrade" customers to better rooms when available to...
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    Packages and Specials

    Nice. Do you feature the package with pictures of jewelry on your site or social media? Do you utilize the same jewelry artist or do you have a few different artists that you work with for a range of styles? This is such a good idea for guys like myself who are not great with gifting our better...
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    Small Businesses Get Nearly Half of Traffic from Social Media

    Good article, I find that the popularity in mobile devices also will help to continue this trend well into the future. Twitter and Facebook is now common jargon and for gen x and gen y, almost the standard way to communicate, so it is very important to be a continuing part of that world. I...
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    Packages and Specials

    I like the thought out Sweetheart Package. It is unique and customizable for the guests, as well as benefits the artists in your community. Really great idea. How long have you been offering that package?
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    9 Facebook Marketing Tips

    These are all great tips. I feel good photos are a good way to retain and gain FB friends; more specifically quality over quantity. It's a great idea to photograph delicious recipes, or breathtaking inn views, or even images of upcoming attractions in your area. People are very visual, and wehn...
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    Is it worth it?

    I co-sign Silverspoon. It is difficult to sometimes take a well needed break, however, it is important to enjoy the company of friends and family. Sometimes running a small business feels all encompassing, but we must remember to cherish those important to us even if for only small blocks of time.
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    Changing the title to this thread to be about movies filmed in your area

    This does look like its going to be a great watch. Seems that bootlegging is getting to be a popular theme in entertainment with the introduction of Boardwalk Empire. I understand the movie is about your county; was it actually filmed in the county? It is kind of a bummer there is not a great...
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    What tool do you use to tie your social media together?

    Hootsuite is becoming quite popular lately. I might suggest Tweetdeck, this is my "go to" twitter program I like that you are able to post to your major social networks - everything from Facebook,tumblr, to even yes, myspace. It also includes an automatic link shortener, so that your tweets do...