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    How was 2016

    THANK YOU Empty Nest.. the new BnB site you made for me is doing the job !
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    How was 2016

    Bookings are/were up this year. But I had a new site made and hired RealEstate photographer for site ...its paid off well . You have to spend money to make money, as the old saying goes.
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    Wow Booking

    Your right ... They just did a Google Business review on my BnB , I replied . Got to go finish ironing , then ...... They now just did a Facebook review on my BnB on my site. Got to go....busy here.
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    Wow Booking

    Just got a second call from a couple who want to book rooms in May . Told 1 caller ( her ) the 1 st 2 wknds in May are graduation wknds , I'd have to get back to them as I have to check my files. They are getting married 1 wknd in May. Second call from him , told me the person who talked to...
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    Innkeeper going home

    Sweet and Sour news but the hospice system sounds very nice. At 73 in January 2017 , I like the idea of passing at home also. I have older brothers and am aware ( live out west & long ago my home) of who goes first of we three ?, All our children are all over the map, what happened to the...
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    What's the thing you want to hear in reviews?

    That they had a relaxed stress free stay .This means a lot, food was good, place was clean, slept well, suite & BnB had all amenities they needed, etc.
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    Wrong House - I felt really bad for the guy

    Had this happen about 4 yrs ago. He never read his Confirmation e mail . Left a real nasty message on my phone about how he was going to report me to the BBB, house & yard looked not occupied , a mess, etc. I think he was at College Street Dayton Va about 4 miles north of Bridgewater. I kept...
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    A Moment for an inn hit by the storm

    So sorry to hear of BnB being hit by a storm. I remember Sid edel horrible storm , Innkeepers, animals, BnB. Still in my mind......
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    Washer and dryer

    Speed Queen (like in laundry marts) is the only machine that does not have to comply with the new e rules. They will last much longer than the 5 yrs or so as most other new e machines do... LOve my Speed Queen, it is very basic but that's fine with me.
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    Wine country near Charlottsville, VA - where to stay?

    Oh Thank you . Wine tours would be good for semi retirement . Glad they are OK...... Mary
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    Wine country near Charlottsville, VA - where to stay?

    Where did Arcady go.? Always enjoyed talking with them at conferences, etc. We'd talk about our BnBs , starting with a house and growing it in stages...... I'll miss them .........Mary
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    New Grandson

    WOW, Congratulations ! Grand Babies are always cute, loveable ..... and then we go home. I have 6 grandsons & 2 granddaughters..