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    Try to book your inn

    thanks for pointing this out. One of our rooms showed that it can accommodate three adults and two children when it holds two adults max. and we do not accept kids under 10 yrs. That was on expedia though.
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    I Am Not A Free Tourist Attraction!

    there is nothing MINI about me!
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    I Am Not A Free Tourist Attraction!

    I like that. " we can not allow tours out of respect for our current guests privacy." I'm going to put that on our front door with our website. I know people want tours at 4:30 in the afternoon when most of our guests have checked in.
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    When will you take some time off?

    We have two ladies who run our b & b for us whenever we want to take a trip or even go away for a weekend so we never have to block off or plan anything far in advance. They will come at a moments notice. We just got back from a cruise(Holland America) from Quebec City to Boston….it was...
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    The firemen just did their annual inspection today. One of them mentioned to us that they are going to be staying in a b & b in the San francisco area next month. He said it is through airbnb. Well he opened a can of worms, didn't he? I gave him the entire story on airbnb. He had no idea...
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    Is your place nice? Is the room comfortable?

    Ya just last week I had "Now that breakfast is over, what do you do for the rest of the day"? I watch soap operas cause I am pretty much done for the day, dah
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    Is your place nice? Is the room comfortable?

    Have you ever had any repeat guests???? (Hopefully you will be our first return guest, dah!) Could we have a look at the breakfast menu??? Who does your cleaning???? (Hum, why did you notice some dust) Has this always been a b & b???? You mean since 1902 (before there were any)
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    Hi Charley email me offline if you like. We are in your province.
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    Hello Charlie May I am guessing you live in Regina???? We agree with everything you said. We also hate airbnb and we also had a slower than normal off season. I think all the licensed, insured b and b's in your city should ban together and go to the next city council meeting. There seem to...
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    You're an innkeeper

    I had someone suggest the Mary Kaye thing to me two years ago. She wanted me to hold guests up here during breakfast and after so she could do her demonstration and try to sell to them and me. Ha!
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    Guest Made clothes line for Undies

    I must have mellowed in my old age cause it didn't really bother me at all and it was great breakfast conversation as they all got to watch her not only make the clothesline (from tree to tree) but hang her undies all while guests dined on the veranda. They had a good chuckle!
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    Guest Made clothes line for Undies

    Yes our guests from Denmark (a 6 night stay ) made themselves a clothesline in our front yard to hang not only their clothes but their undies. Therefore, all incoming guests got to see this as they drove up and of course think it is our doing. I offered them our washer and dryer but no they...
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    Canada Happy Birthday

    thanks. The only thing guests did different is watch the Canada Day race ( in the park where we live), while they were eating breakfast on the veranda. And, of course, all guests got red and white cookies when they arrived. It was too hot here today to do much else. Now, at 10:00 pm it is...
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    We made the cover!

    beautiful JB
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    The Sears Homes of Beautiful Roanoke, Virginia

    Here in Canada the Eaton's catalog home was more popular.