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Welcome Newbies and Seasoned Innkeepers alike! A few factoids about moi:
  • We have 7 rooms. My husband is my partner in this insanity.
  • I've been an innkeeper since 2004. This was not a lifelong dream, but became my career due to a few life-altering external changes. (You can read that to mean that I don't plan and 'life happens'.)
  • I guess most would say I'm pretty outspoken.
  • This is a pretty good gig at this point and it looks like I'll keep it up for another few years.
  • My family is grown and gone, and I have 5 grandchildren at this point.
  • I'm happy to help solve problems other innkeepers are experiencing, or just commiserate!
  • If I had a life, I'd quilt. Naw, really, if I had any time, I'd sleep!
  • Winner of the prestigous 2008 PITA Magnet award.