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    Guidance on developing a Liability Waiver agreement

    A good thing to keep in mind is that a guest signing a waiver does not mean you won’t get sued.
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    Pursuing a B&B

    Jonathan: @GoodScout has given you an excellent list. When we were looking, We used a spreadsheet to compare properties. You’ll need financials from the business. We signed a lot of NDA’s to get those financials. If you work with a broker it’s easier to get them than if you’re looking at...
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    People (rolling eyes) 🙄

    Coffee machines that guests are allowed to use are a bad idea. Anyone who needs coffee is in a mental state that is not functioning because it is caffeine deficient. Not even step-by-step directions work. Our best story about the coffee machine (Keurig) was the one where we had 5 financial...
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    Hello from Wales!

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    Do you write your own blog and do your own social media?

    Joey B told all of us to blog the best reasons to visit the area. If it was in 2010 when she said it, then it was 10 ideas. I kept that going by adding another thing every year and changing the page: 17 things… 18 things…, etc.
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    Are there still Innkeepers to run properties?

    @InnDeep without this info, my reply to your other post about blogging will appear clueless. Sorry.
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    Do you write your own blog and do your own social media?

    I did all of our social media: blog, Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, recipe. Yes, in season it’s bit of a struggle, but no one outside our area knew our area like we did no matter what GA stated. $200/month might be ‘just’ one room night, but it could also be ten hours of pay for you to hire...
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    Guest of the Day

    Friends of ours had a really old b&b where each room still had the original fireplace with mantle. All the chimneys were sealed off. None of the fireplaces had fire dogs. Every year someone would bring in branches and try to start a fire on the floor of the defunct fireplace. Nothing worked to...
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    Registration / Guest Paperwork

    I liked that I could make the registration sheet with whatever fields I wanted. And make the font big enough to read!
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    Registration / Guest Paperwork

    We had the ‘advantage’ of living in a town where our guests did a lot of shoe shopping. 😉 The boot boxes made great storage for the registration forms. One box/year. I decided we’d saved receipts for long enough and we took ten years’ worth of paper to the shredder. It weighed over 100 pounds...
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    Registration / Guest Paperwork

    And, once the credit card companies stopped requiring signatures, we stopped asking for them. But, you should check with your state to see if they do require certain info. We’re supposed to be able to produce signed info, either digital or paper. In 18 years no one asked for it. Part of the...
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    Registration / Guest Paperwork

    What Jim said. Works fine. You don’t need a lawyer. Just don’t sell the info you collect and you’ll be fine. The info we collected was basic: name (s), address, phone, email, credit card, dietary restrictions. Other than dietary restrictions, it’s standard info collected by hotels. We never...
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    Budget Friendly Bedsheets

    I love the towels! We still had several sets in boxes so I took them with us. No idea what the new owners did with the 3 dozen I left behind.
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    Budget Friendly Bedsheets

    Ditto about threshold from Target. JCPenney had good sheets, too. Southern Tide is a decent brand that I used to get at BB&B. (They fade pretty quickly, but they were delightfully soft and lots of guests asked where to buy them.) I used to buy one set, wash and dry them, then test run them. If...
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    Add two more bathrooms?

    It may just be your market that is ok with this, but it’s not standard to have to share a bathroom. We had one room with a detached bath (Not shared) and we finally figured out if it was the absolute cheapest room in town we could book it. So, when the motels were charging $199, we could get...