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    What’s your plan for reopening?

    We were lucky enough to get the PPP, so we'll stay open until mid June. I talked with our bank and they bumped our mortgage for two months. We'll reevaluate at that point. Demand-wise, it's been dead.
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    CARES Relief Act

    Yes - from what I understand its forgiveness counts against any sort of PPP forgiveness.
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    CARES Relief Act

    Just got our deposit today. I worked very closely with our local bank, mainly in making sure all our t's were crossed and i's were dotted. The $250 billion allocated loans ran out today. Having a good relationship with a local lender was absolutely clutch in all this. As was pretty quickly...
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    CARES Relief Act

    Sounds like ... wait until next week and talk with local bankers?
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    CARES Relief Act

    Did you fill out all three forms? Not sure what to put under "amount estimated loss" as none of the categories seem to fit.
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    CARES Relief Act

    Here is some additional info. Seems like all of us would be eligible for the $10,000 emergency advance which doesn't need to be repaid.
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    CARES Relief Act

    There are major provisions in this for small businesses. Other than the $1,200 stipends, how do you see this legislation affecting you?
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    I'm in a college town (35,000 students). Students told that all instruction has been moved online and all University-related travel has been cancelled. Our cancellations are coming in fast and furious. We're about to get shellacked. The economy of the entire town lives and breathes off the...
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    Who do you bank with?

    We are currently with a local bank, but am wondering if some of the bigger chains offer better deals for our business. We do a lot of credit card processing, but want to get away from that more. Was reading up about Zelle, but hardly know anything about it. I think we pay a flat fee of 2.5% on...
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    This was posted seven years ago, but am curious where people are with it now: What coffee brands or service you use? Where do you get it?
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    Credit Card vs. Check on a major ($10K+) event.

    Our BnB is in a major college town and May graduation is a five-figure event over three days. We'll be renting out nine rooms. We plan to charge it at the start of the year (guests are aware of our policy). Credit card fees will be around $300-$400 for this. Thoughts on asking our guests to just...
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    Trouble with guests losing keys?

    It's one of the first expenses we had when taking over from the previous owners and we haven't looked back since. Once of the best decisions we've made.
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    Refund Policy

    Just finished our fourth month of running a B&B. Learning lots but still have a LOT to learn. Guest books on Expedia and upon arrival, complains about finding a hair in her sheets. We promptly change the sheets and apologize. I don't think we verified seeing it. She also complains about the...
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    Optional Breakfast?

    Have you ever run the cost of breakfast per room/person, or has that not been a need? When I did a rough calculation, the cost of food + labor help on busy mornings works out to more than $10/person.