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    I have recently discovered this forum and it has been wonderfully helpful and refreshing. Thank you to all of those who have helped answer many of my questions, even if some of them may seem silly. Sadly, some of the members on here seem rather... harsh or mean. (Surpising as we all are in the...
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    farmers daughter and birdwatcher... thanks so much!! that's exactly what I was looking for. Simple but truthful!! Thanks. Thanks. Thanks!!
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    Is anyone a member of PAII? Is it worth the cost or just another assoication to join?
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    Why we do wht we do!

    Sounds like your created quite a wonderful experience and welcome for these folks. Don't you just wish everyone would react that way? Congrats!
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    added amenities - do you ask??

    On my website I had 'extras' listed that guests can add on to their room to make the experience even better. A bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates from the local chocolate maker, a basket full of items made locally, etc.... When quests are making reservations, do you ask them if they would...
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    breakfast journal??

    Do you keep track of what you serve for breakfast everyday? If so.. what works best to track what you've cooked? what doesn't work?
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    on the pillow

    What kind of chocolates? Speciality? or the little mini size chocolates you can buy at the superstore? There is a gentleman that makes local chocolates, but I think it would cost me a dollar per room. It seems like an added expense with no real return??
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    on the pillow

    something different every night? sounds interesting. examples?
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    Whooo Hooooo

    Wonderful, wonderful!! Congrats!
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    Inn Room Amenties

    I know this is taking this a different direction... but any recommendation on quality bathrobes at a good price?
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    on the pillow

    Do you put anything 'on the pillow' after you clean a room? Chocolates? Candy? A nice note? If so, what works well... what is appreciated? How often do you do it? Every time you clean/refresh? The last night of their stay? On their arrival day?
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    Inn Room Amenties

    1. comfortable bed, clean... 2. shampoo and soap, towels... 3. Extra pillows on the bed (more than the standard two), coffee pot, flowers, bathrobes, slippers, a 'comfy' chair... 4. complimentary chocolates or candy, a personalized note...
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    Your 'insult' point?

    Maybe you could think about an absolute bottom price... whether it be based on cost required to sell the room or based on pride... and then you don't go below that price. No matter what. I really don't have that problem here (not too many walk-ins and I am close to the cheapest in town) but...
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    Bath & Body Works Soaps

    my guest LOVE, LOVE the aromatherapy soaps from BBW. Thanks for the info!!
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    sheets from - suggestions??

    I actually just bought a set of the canopy wrinkle free pillowcases... to test the quality... and I am not impressed. They seem rather thin. Loose hairs and threads stick to the material (super frustrating!!) and I have t-shirts that feel nicer in quality. :( Although they are some what wrinkle...