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    ReservationKey Vacation Mode?

    I found it. Now it's just a matter of figuring it all out to work like I want it.
  2. Proud Texan

    ReservationKey Vacation Mode?

    I'll have to contact John. That option doesn't appear on my menu.
  3. Proud Texan

    ReservationKey Vacation Mode?

    Does anyone know if ReservationKey has a "Vacation Mode"? We're going to Europe for three weeks this fall and I want to turn off our online reservations system while we're gone because internet access will be hit and miss. We really don't want have to worry about dealing with business while...
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    Export email list

    Under the GUEST tab, click on the pull-down menu by Search and choose VIEW ALL. Make sure that "Export Results" is checked. Go to the bottom left of the page and choose SELECT ALL. Go back to the top of the page and click GO.
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    The moment you have all been waiting for! "The Best Of"

    The guest who took an explosive diarrhea crap on the outside wall of one of our cottages. The single most disgusting experience since we've been in business.
  6. Proud Texan

    Anyone else experiencing low numbers for January?

    Pretty sporadic here. We've booked several Spring and Summer weddings, but occupancy is way down. Just too cold and wet to enjoy the outdoors here.
  7. Proud Texan

    A new B&B in Rome (Italy)

    Not true. We stayed for several weeks at B&Bs all over Italy and the food and service were impeccable. We had freshly baked breads, and an assortment of cheeses, meats and fresh fruit and the best coffee on the planet. The difference was the locale and the attitude of the innkeepers.
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    online booking system

    deleted duplicate entry.
  9. Proud Texan

    online booking system

    We use ReservationKey for our online reservations and for our credit card processing for the online reservation. The plus side is that it works flawlessly and is relatively inexpensive. On the downside, I have to manually rekey each reservation into Quickbooks. I could switch to...
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    A new B&B in Rome (Italy)

    We stayed in a B&B near the Rome Metro station and, pardon my Italian, it was crap! It was run by Croatians and they served pre-packaged food at breakfast. The place was a dump. Please, whatever you name it, maintain high standards. Italian breakfast are very different and much lighter than...
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    Anyone know what the stars mean on FB?

    We have the stars, but we're not on TA, so that can't be it. I'll bet it has to do with the number of likes your page gets and how often your content goes viral.
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    Elopement Today

    The Elopement Package has become very popular here.