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    What else can we do for you?

    Type in your state. All counties in the state are listed here https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/perdiemCalc.cfm
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    Ideal number of rooms

    I am glad to hear someone mention that an inn with MORE than 5 guest rooms is a "public accommodation" for the purpose of ADA. With only 5 guest rooms and living on site, we are exempt from service animals, handicap ramps etc. Stress is much lower without the risks associated with animals and...
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    *For Sale* Charming B&B in Historic Green Cove Springs, FL

    Click the link below to preview this fabulous B&B: 103 Magnolia Avenue South If you are looking for an awesomely restored 19th Century home with a fantastic Bed & Breakfast opportunity, let us proudly show you this Historic Property in the quaint, riverside village of Green Cove Springs. You...
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    Reservation software

    Be sure your vendor for online reservations is ADA compliant. For example, a person who is blind should be able to book a room on your website without using a mouse. Think Reservations is ADA compliant but there are some others. Website itself should also be ADA compliant as you probably know...
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    Whats up with Bed and Breakfast . com?

    Last week I received this in an e mail as a past subscriber of B&B Finder: "B&B industry pioneer and BedandBreakfast.com founder, Eric Goldreyer, has acquired bnbfinder from Mary White". I suspect he has reinvested his profits ! Sad for all who have been left in the lurch. We left...