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    Pleasing the Irish

    I’m on the other side of this, I guess. Please consider that if you research this subject online, many articles tell you not to drink the water from the bathroom tap. That it might be not be as well filtered to actually unhealthy. I won’t quote articles here, people can find them easily. I just...
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    Irish Soda Bread recipe?

    Ohmy yes. Thank you Kathleen. I will email my new address ❤️
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    Irish Soda Bread recipe?

    I’m so hoping one of you has a Tried and True recipe for Irish soda bread. It seems one of my recipe collections got lost in my last move. 😟 and in it a recipe for Irish soda bread written in an index card by a friend of my mother. It’s the little things that matter! Of course I can’t duplicate...
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    Only important to me … are minimoos still a good thing?

    Haha! Omy Back when I had housemates I did that dance but never put vinegar in milk! What a hoot.
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    Only important to me … are minimoos still a good thing?

    Yes, I’d just bring in a few at a time in my bag or stash some in my desk. Doubt anyone would go in my desk. If that happens, they’ll stay in my bag. just wanted to know if they’re still good. I don’t have a thermos and don’t really want to bring one. I just want to have some cream there. Seems...
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    Only important to me … are minimoos still a good thing?

    Not an earth shattering discussion when I kept the inn, I offered minimoos as cream because they didn’t require refrigeration. I have a part time office job and they generously provide a Keurig, Coffee, tea and sweetener, just not milk or cream. I bring in my own sweetener to use what I...
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    Looking for some help

    I travel alone and feel safer in a b&b or small inn. I don’t know if this is helpful.
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    Message from Copperhead

    Thank you for helping her!
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    Sleeper Sofas & Futons

    I had a trundle bed .. it was great. The mattress and support slides out from underneath. Of course, those sleeping in the upper bed have to be careful not to step on those on the lower so I made sure there was room to get out of bed on the opposite side …. and I got an extra nice mattress for...
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    Hard to know where to look

    My youngest son’s girlfriend is a tattoo artist. She has a few tattoos herself and loves them. My son has none, so far. I can see the artistry in them but I don’t know why some go all in. Although …. She has a portfolio and has one client who got an elaborate face tattoo to camouflage a...
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    I am so late to the party on this one! Encountered it twice today and had to look it up. Twice! If I understand it correctly, they eat everything including fish, eggs and dairy, but don’t eat meat. So … what is the difference between a pollotarian and a pescatarian? And apparently there are...
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    Old posts from 12+ years

    Incredible! Thank you for sharing. I (we) are so glad for a positive outcome especially for your daughters. I hope the next chapter is a happy one. ❤️