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    What is it about stairs and guests from certain places?

    I Get it. Our house was built in 1864 by ship-builders so the stairs to the second-floor suite are narrow and steep. Thankfully we are not taking reservations any more in the house so it is no longer an issue and it made a good selling point to nudge guests to book the more expensive...
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    Would You Respond to this Email I Received Today?

    No, I wouldn't respond. We have all received requests like this but, as others have said, check with your local tourist bureau if you are not convinced. We are good friends with the county tourist bureau here and they know everything about projects like the one mentioned in this email.
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    What else can we do for you?

    We have opted to turn away any potential guests who have not stayed with us before as long as they had no red flags on our own Guest-review notes. We have had mostly cancelations from "high risk" areas or foreigners (UK, VA, CA, NY etc) but the guests who have not canceled have stayed 5-7...
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    New coffee carafe advice needed

    I have two carafes that worked beautifully when I had table service pre-Covid. After several other “affordable” carafes either dripped from the lip when pouring, making a mess, stained the plastic exterior, or just didn’t keep the coffee hot for 3 hours, I invested in these. I suppose if you...
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    Should Innspiring.com Go Private?

    This forum is a refuge for those of us who occasionally need to ask advice or vent and a godsend to those who are just starting out or inspiring innkeepers. If I had something really sensitive to post or ask I would probably ask a member or two in a private email. We all have our own expertise...
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    I've been raised from the dead...

    Welcome back! You have had quite a ride and it’s amazing that you are still standing! Running a B&B has never been easy but it’s near impossible these days without major adjustments. I hope you have found reliable help to see you through until you can move on.
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    Recipes needed containing no dairy

    Eggs on a cloud would work. You can add bits of ham and herbs on top to make up for the absence of cheese. Or you can melt some cheese on top for those who can have dairy. Lots of recipes out there but here is one to get you started. Eggs on a cloud
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    Looking for a lake cabin rental or quiet place in Massachusetts

    Exactly. Some guests are really nice people but they are kind of oblivious when on vacation. Normally I take it in stride as as part of the job and actually enjoy setting the room right...looking perfect each day. But an entire week without housekeeping with sandy floors, wet towels hung on...
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    Looking for a lake cabin rental or quiet place in Massachusetts

    Hi SS, in a normal year I would say send them to our ocean view cottage, but unless they have stayed with us before we are not taking guests. We need a level of trust that our guests will take care of the cottage and we simply can not know that unless they have stayed with us before. Since we...
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    Bedding Options for Guest Beds - Duvet or Blankets or Throw/Bedspread...What is best for coastal inn?

    We switched out the bed quilts for Comfy duvets and seasonally-appropriate comforters. The comforter has loops on each corner and we attached ties to the inside corners of the duvet to make the comforter secure. It took several washings to relax the Comfy duvet material and release the...
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    Just stay-over, no breakfast?

    We are one of those licensed and inspected small B+Bs that has served a full hot breakfast every morning in the common dining room. With the new Covid regulations in our state we have dramatically changed our model, eliminating the guest suites in the main house and only offering a continental...
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    Not as much fun as it used to be

    Apparently, your Governor has imposed an indoor- mask requirement, beginning on July 7 whenever there is not at least 6 ft. of distance between you and your guests. https://dhhr.wv.gov/COVID-19/Pages/default.aspx Why do you think that is? Please be on the side of caution and wear a mask...
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    Not as much fun as it used to be

    Ditto. This laissez faire attitude applied to the Covid19 situation is resulting in human carnage. I wonder if those of you who are promoting it would feel comfortable if your surgeon decided to de-mask before cutting you open. You are being callus and irresponsible at other’s expense.
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    Not as much fun as it used to be

    I hope you have notified all of your guests with your (lack of) safety protocols. I for one would never stay with your bare-face-is-fine-here attitude.
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    Is square withholding your payout?

    That's what I thought. Returning guests from this state made a 5-night reservation in May and I figured, with the big improvements our state has made against the virus, they surely would be coming in mid-July. Nope...canceled yesterday. My guests are dropping like flies. Sigh