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• FORMER Owner and maintenance monkey of this forum (since the forum started 6/1/2008 - 7/2020)
• Innkeeper (2003-2011)
• Web-designer (since 1998) specializing in Bed and Breakfasts, SEO, and accessibility.
Inngenious Bed and Breakfast Website Design and Promotion
Summary (if you haven't read enough of my posts this will get you up to speed)
  • I'm usually a bit direct, fact oriented, and pretty much to the point in my forum responses. I have to work at being warm and fuzzy so it is not an oft occurring trait here. I do like being helpful so that helps soften me a bit I guess.
  • I have a pretty good background with building and fixing most things so I fall into handyman mode most of the time, though I am often seen cleaning bathrooms and sweeping duck poop off the dock.
  • DW and I used to run a B&B (3 rooms) that was seasonal while both maintaining our day jobs. (it was her idea)
  • I have an interest in old tools and woodworking. The less electricity the better.
  • As a former Physics teacher I am often prone to educational ramblings ;)
  • As the FORMER owner of this site I tried to create a place for innkeepers to put their feet up and share with others. Fortunately this site is home to many great and spirited people who give the site its true value.