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    Ideal number of rooms

    mdubin, You are walking a fine line here. Dropping helpful information is good. Dropping an occasional self-promotional link along with a helpful link is fair. Openly directing people to call you is kind of pushing it. Please see the section here under webspam and self-promotion...
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    Face Chat Snap Book Group

    Thanks Morticia for calling this. This forum has enough of it's own drama from time to time. There is no reason for anger and frustration from another platform to be dragged over here. I don't like to lock or delete threads, but I will be removing this one shortly because it serves no purpose...
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    Thank you Swirt!

    Thanks all. And thank YOU all.
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    Innkeeper going home

    Glad you could be there Morticia. I am sorry for your loss.
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    Access denied

    Just sent you a PM for more info. This is not because of your email address. Completely separate thing.
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    Access denied

    Silverspoon, being logged in from multiple devices or even same device, multiple browsers should not cause any of them to be access denied. Has it resolved itself?
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    Our texts to prove we are who e are and not a robot

    I looked at what has been attacking where. Most are the account creation page. So I disabled the login captcha. We'll see how it goes, if we get flooded with bots I'll re-enable.
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    Sunshine I think you are looking at the commenting options. Look at the very top of the post right beneath the title.
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    FORUM : Temporary block on email addresses from hotmail yahoo and outlook.

    I just threw in random (meaning it rotates them) captcha on a bunch of forms. Other than the login form you should only have to beat the captcha once per form type. If you are seeing any odd behavior, let me know.
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    FORUM : Temporary block on email addresses from hotmail yahoo and outlook.

    I pulled down the blocks on,, and and literally the bots are creating accounts faster than 1 per minute. Sooooo I put the blocks in place again to buy me some time to implement a better solution. This site is running on outdated tech and I just need to update...
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    Bots on the loose

    Thanks for the suggestion JimBoone. I think you are underestimating the amount of email you are suggesting get sent to people to process by hand. It would simply wear people out. Sometimes spotting the bot pattern is easy, sometimes it takes a bit of work to determine someone's legitimacy...
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    Bots on the loose

    Thanks Morticia, I blocked a bunch more and did some improved pattern blocking. I also banned about 50 accounts that were generated with these bogus domains. It will hold until they come up with a new pattern.
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    Feedback Appreciated

    So after a couple of posts, a year apart you have put your stamp of disapproval on him and labelled him disingenuous? He has already apologized and retreated more than he needs to.